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  Harpur 20:58 23 Mar 2006

this is only a simple network of two computers to access the internet indepentantly through a belkin wireless modem/router. the router is connected to one one computer through a nic card and ethernet cable. this computer is able to access the internet at all times. the second computer is in my daughters bedroom. it has a belkin wirelss card inside. the icon on the task bar reports it has a strong signal and the rate is around 80mb. however it tells me that it cannot connect to the internet, and this may be due to the settings on another computer. there has been no mac filtewring setup and the router at the moment is at factory default settings. i realise that this is not an ideal situation, but i want to get the comp. up and running before i change any settings. both computers run on XP Professional and i have tried setting up a network using the wizard and a flash drive to avail.

please help me. listening to a 14 complaining her life is falling apart because shew can't get on MSN and Bebo is driving me nuts!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:47 23 Mar 2006

Check the firewall settings it may be blocking the connection.

  Paranoid Android 22:49 23 Mar 2006

If the second machine is connecting to the internet directly through the router, and not through a peer-to-peer network, the settings on the first machine will make no difference - they will only come into play if you try to share files printers etc. I suggest you start by checking the IP address for the internet connection on the second machine, and remember it needs to be in the same subnet as the router.

As the first machine is connecting OK, you can get a good guide by looking at its settings. So if the first machine is using (for example) and the second machine is using, they are on a different subnet. In simple terms the number after the second dot needs to be the same on both machines and the router.

To check the settings, use the Run option on the start menu and type CMD then hit enter. In the dosbox, type IPCONFIG and hit enter. This will report the IP address your machine is using, and the address of the gateway (router).


  Harpur 23:33 23 Mar 2006

how do i change the subnet on the second machine?
it seems to be different. i have changes provider since the last ime the no2 computer was used but i have tried to setup a new network connection with no success. i also have lowered the firewall settings on computer no1, with no joy

  Paranoid Android 23:47 23 Mar 2006

Control Panel - Network Connections

Right click on your connection and select Properties.

Under the General tab, select "Internet Protocol(TCP.IP)" and click Properties.

Look for the box that says "Obtain an IP address automatically" and make sure it is checked.

If it already checked, try clearing it and enter an address manually on the same subnet but NOT exactly the same as the other machines. Eg if your first machine is using and the gateway is, you could use

Save and exit. Log off. Logon.

Post back if it doesn't work.


  Harpur 23:49 23 Mar 2006

will try it in the morning all are fast asleep.
i'll let you know

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