Network and the internet

  Seadog 20:19 03 Apr 2003

My computer is networked with my sons via a Linksys home network system comprising of two network cards and a hub.

The engineer connected the broadband modem into the network hub and my computer works ok on the internet but I am at a loss (total!) as to how to connect to the internet from my sons computer.

Both computers are "visible" on the network, I know it is probably something stupid that I have missed but could anyone please shed some light on the matter?

I have tried internet connection sharing but this doesn't work!

  Legolas 20:22 03 Apr 2003

What OS are you running on the systems

  recap 20:37 03 Apr 2003

Seadog, if they are XP disable the XP Firewall.

  Seadog 20:37 03 Apr 2003

Win 98SE on both machines.


I have tried the winipcfg and get PPP as the network adapter. My machine shows the Linksys adapter - any idea how to change it? Could this be the problem?

  Blitzer 20:54 03 Apr 2003

I have two PC's on my lan connected together via a cross-over cable and network card in each machine. My "main" computer has an additional network card that is connected to my cable modem and with ICS set-up on this machine the second machine can share the connection.

If you don't forsee yourself increasing your network beyond two computers then perhaps this may be the simple option? Not a great call for you to have a hub for just two machines?


  Legolas 22:19 03 Apr 2003

ßéŁâ Why did you remind me of that? you are cruel ;-) Seadog you cannot share an Internet Connection using a hub you need a router, or ditch the hub and connect your two systems together from one NIC card to the other using a length of xover cable.

  Wrinkles 22:29 03 Apr 2003

I have 4 pc's on my network using Cat5 cable and small D-link hub. In the main PC is a second NIC connected to the Broadband modem.
I set up the network and got it running Ok with the main PC only connected to the internet.
I then installed Sygate Office network, Server on the main PC and Client on the others. Sygate did all the tweaking and one reboot later 4 PC's with network & internet access.

  Seadog 23:01 03 Apr 2003

Ok OK Ok

So how do I go about setting this up?

I can get a router from the local PC shop for a reasonable number of beer tokens, but how do I do it. Please explain.

According to the engineer who installed the broadband modem,I should have been able to do it, after all, the modem is plugged directly into the network hub and so is my computer..............

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