network information has been hacked

  conigio 12:19 26 Jul 2013

I have a local network,somehow someone has copied a photo on my computer that I thought was safe, I have set up the firewall with no sharing on the network.I only found out by accident,but no idea which person on the network downloaded the photo,because it was on a disc,that was left laying about.If I had not seen the disc I would never had known that the photo had been copied. Now I am worried.what else has been copied. How can I find out who or whom accessed my network.?

  spuds 15:29 26 Jul 2013

You have stated that you have found the evidence on a disk laying about. So the questions are: (1)What made you open and view the contents of the disk. (2) Who as access to the area the disk was found in. (3) Who shares the network with you (4) Have other people on the same network been compromised. (5) Is your part of the network safeguarded by your own password system. (6) What firewall are you using (7) What operating system do you have on the computer (8) Do you do regular updates and checks.

Perhaps provide some of the answers, then there might be some solutions or suggestions available?.

  conigio 20:38 26 Jul 2013

hi spuds Question 1 I looked at the disc because I am nosey. Question 2 There are 4 other computers om the network. Question 3 The people on the network are related to me Question 4 I have no information but I do not think so. none has said anything. Question.5 I do not have a password on my part of the network,I have just trusted all people on the network. Question 6 I am using microsoft firewall Question 7 Windows xp Question 8 Only load udates from microsoft

  lotvic 22:31 26 Jul 2013

XP and simple file sharing workgroup/network click here

  alanrwood 09:54 27 Jul 2013

If you are using a wireless network have you used WPA security on it to prevent someone outside your home logging in to your network. Wireless is not as secure as a direct wired connection.

  conigio 09:14 08 Aug 2013

All the suggested safe guards have been put in place,that only leaves the first question of how to find out who copied the photo in the first place and how did they do it. All the people on the network have access passwod.?

  finerty 11:54 08 Aug 2013

how sessitive is the photo 1 good 2bad 3 restricted 4 your eyes only 5 why was u so nosey 6 stick your nose somewhere else 7 is copyrighted u must infringe 8 whers your sense of humour

  lotvic 12:05 08 Aug 2013

finerty, go back to bed and sleep it off ;-)

  conigio 14:57 10 Aug 2013


  lotvic 18:24 10 Aug 2013

Can you give more details of your 'network with 4 other computers' please. I am a little confused as the whole idea of a network is so each pc can see the others, access them and share the files (that are allowed to be shared) on the other pcs.

I am wondering if what you mean by 'network' is the 5 computers connect to the internet via one router (either by cable or wireless) and everyone knows the routers password but you can't see each others pcs on your desktop.

  conigio 14:32 17 Aug 2013

lotvic. perhaps I got it all wrong,the other computers are connected to the router by wireless and cable,and I can not acess them, maybe I should go and lie down.It does not bother me that someone has copied my photo,I am just interested in who it was and how did they do it. Thank you all for your input.

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