Network Hub Question

  SDJ 18:13 20 Aug 2003

We had a hub fitted in an extension within our office the other day and up until now only one machine has been running off of this hub.

I setup a new printer and two more machines today only to find that none of the items would connect to the network.

The hub is meant to be auto swithcing but I did try the uplink in port one and sixteen and that still made no difference.

I am told that I may need to change the port that the uplink cable is in on the main hub so I will try that.

But so that I can understand it did the initial computer work because it was the only machine on the new hub and now that there are more it needs to be setup differently for switching.

The funny thing is that the uplink cable when inserted into the new hub reports that it has power and a connection, full duplexing and no collisions.

I have tried an older hub which has a preferential uplink port and that works fine.

Sorry for going on just naffed off after a hectic day and would like some closure before I can start to relax and prepare myself for another day.

Cheers in advance

  windows server 18:31 20 Aug 2003

What port are you using for the uplink? The hub will have port for this. If you are using the uplink port for a computer you will only get one way traffic.
Does your hub have a midi - midi-x switch?
If not you will need to use a crossover cable to link your hub with the rest of your building.
Other than that, unless you are using very old network cards that only use a 10 base t connection and your hub is only 100 base then your hub is faulty.

  SDJ 18:40 20 Aug 2003

On the new Hub I was using port 1 for the cable from the main hub.
I then had each subsequent port on the new hub attached to sockets.
Up until today only one machine was on the new hub = it worked fine
now having put another computer and a printer I cannot connect to the network.

I didnt think to take off the second computer and printer off to see if the first pc would work.

There is no port for midi-midi-x it says auto something (sorry left office now doing this by memory)

Im not sure what kind of port on the main hub is used for the crossover cable.

Network cards are all 10/100.


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