Network help required

  [DELETED] 14:48 16 Nov 2003

Have networked 3 xp computers together using a router, They can all share the broadband connection simultaneously so I am happy that the router is working.
Machine 1 ( brand new ) can see the other 2 machines ,but cannot access them ( Get aan access denied message).

machine 2 (12 month old) can see machine 1,but not machine 3.can access machine 1

machine 3 ( !2 month old laptop) can see machine 1, responds to a ping, access denied message if you try to access 1, cannot see 2

All computers are on the same workgroup ( MSHOME) and addresses have been allocated by DCHP through the router ( iE 192.168.8.x)sub

Zone alarm has been instructed to accept the range of ip addresses from the network

Are there any security protocols that i have overlooked

Any ideas welcome


  howard60 14:51 16 Nov 2003

make sure all drives are shared and that the network card in each machine does not have the firewall switched on. Then put any old file in each pcs shared documents and reboot.

  [DELETED] 21:37 16 Nov 2003

Anybody else?

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