network help please

  smudge101 13:18 08 Aug 2004

Hi, I am trying to network my laptop to my main computer, I have done this in the past but a reinstall means resetting up.
My hardware passess all tests and I have run the network wizard on both machines I can see the laptop from the main pc but when I try to get into the main pc from the laptop I get the following...Main pc is not accessable. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.
This occurs with the firewall on or off and I can ping the main pc ok.
Can anyone guide me through setting the access permissions? I have had a look though the admin tools but am not savvy enoegh to sort this one.
PS I am running XP pro
Any help would be much appreciated

  igk 15:42 08 Aug 2004

If this is happening with the firewall off I would suggest that it could be you have given your network a different name in error when you set it up,this has happened to me the default is "MSHOME" if you call it "home" as I do it is easy to overlook this,try setting up your network again and make sure both pc's connect to the same network name,also (in my opinion only) both pc's need to use the same password at logon,also there is a train of thought that says that you should have two accounts on each pc one for that pc and one for the other pc that you are networking with ( I have not needed to try this though)Hope this helps.

  igk 15:45 08 Aug 2004

Addition to my last, are you using a networking hub? if not and you are connecting direct from one pc to the other via lan cards you must use a "crossover" cable.

  smudge101 16:02 08 Aug 2004

Hi I am using a crossovercable on a peer to peer set up with internet sharing.
I have had this working before my reinstall on the main pc.
The network name has been doublechecked and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the network cards for both machines. I can see both computers in the network places and the shared connection (from the main pc) on the laptop, but still cannot access the internet from the laptop.
I think the trouble is some setting I have overlooked on the main pc as when trying to connect to the internet the dun symbol for the network connection lights up but the dun for the adsl modem does not.
Thanks for the previous reply, if you have any more suggestions I will gladly try them.

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