Network gaming proplem!

  marauder1 19:05 01 Apr 2005

Hi all

Right he is my proplem.

I got 2 pcs both with windows xp rofessional sp2. which is conected up to each other through and ethernet hub, with my modem/router connected into the hub.

Now i don't have any problems sharing files etc or playing some games over the network, but my proplem lies with mechwarrior 4 vengence.

I start up the game, go to multiplayer and go into the games room where it displays all the courrent games occuring on the net but when i select one and click on join, the game then tells
me it can't connect to the server.

Now i've patched the game up to date, search microsoft's support site for help, but they nothing that resembles my proprem. Any troubleshooting documents that come will with games are all revelent to older OSs.

Thanks in advance!

  Kate B 20:24 01 Apr 2005

Long shot, but do you need specific ports open to connect? the game's website should tell you if so.

  Kate B 14:55 03 Apr 2005

Call me grumpy, but it's nice when someone comes back and says "yup, that worked" or "that's not it, any further suggestions". And it's even nicer when someone comes back and says thanks for the help, even if it didn't lead to a solution ...

  marauder1 17:43 03 Apr 2005

Hi Kate b

I'm very sorry if i made you feel grumpy. i didn't know anybody replied to my plee for help since yahoo decided to put the email in my spam folder, (how annoying is that!!)

I see if your thoery works and will reply with results.

Thanks for your Help

  Kate B 12:30 04 Apr 2005

marauder, no probs ... was just feeling a bit grumpy about something else! How did you get on - have you managed to connect? Let us know how you get on.

  marauder1 21:12 04 Apr 2005

well i managed to find the ports that i need open on my firewall so i can now play on the net but i can't play a two player on the network so i've now emailed microsoft about it.

Thank you very much for your help.

  Kate B 00:32 05 Apr 2005

Glad to have pointed you in the right direction - let us know what happens with Microsoft.

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