Network and Firewall

  basell 11:19 27 Jun 2003

When running a network I can only access the second computer if the firewall is disabled on that computer. I can access the Internet on both computers with the firewall running on both computers.
Question is the second computer protected by the first if the firewall is disabled on the second computer.

  keewee 12:05 27 Jun 2003

How are you connected to the internet? if through only one machine, then you only need the firewall on this machine.
However, if both are connected,you're firewall software should have options for a trusted zone. Enter the IP address or the name of the other computer into each machine, and keep the firewalls on. This could get very complicated though........

  basell 12:17 27 Jun 2003

Hi Keewee

I use a crossover cable to the second computer. Access to the Internet is by NTL broadband connected to the first computer. The second computer uses the crossover cable from the first computer. What you are saying is that the firewall on the first computer protects the second computer when on the internet?

  keith-236785 12:28 27 Jun 2003

are you using zone alarm?

  basell 12:31 27 Jun 2003

Yes I'm using zone alarm

  basell 18:57 27 Jun 2003


  SEASHANTY 20:11 27 Jun 2003

I would think the firewall on your main PC would protect the other if accessed via a crossover cable. For info on network firewall security read up on robin d h walkers website at <click here>

  Granger 20:14 27 Jun 2003

You may need to set static IP addresses to configure the firewall. Instructions on MS site, titled "How to configure a static client.." That's enough to search the KB.

  keith-236785 15:26 30 Jun 2003

sorry for not replying sooner,

in zone alarm, choose the Firewall tab (on the left) then click advanced near the bottom right, select "This computer is an ICS/NAT Gateway.

close the windows and try again

good luck

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