Network File sharing help wanted

  bradwell boy 15:44 05 Mar 2006

My setup is that I have two PC's linked to the internet wirelessly through a D-Link ADSL Router.

I want to be able to share files between the two machines so that I can then print on the printer connected to the first PC.
When set up in the right way do I have to use the first PC to open a doc and then print it or can I print from the second PC which is upstairs and not actually connected to the printer?

  ade.h 16:05 05 Mar 2006

The whole point of sharing a printer is the ability to use it remotely.

Run the File and Printer Sharing Wizard (which should really be called Folder and Printer Sharing) on each PC and follow the instructions. It's easy to follow and all will be explained. Remember to have all PCs and printers switched on while you do this.

  elle2u 14:04 06 Mar 2006

Would this work if only one of the pcs is wireless? The printer being connected to the pc that doesnt have a wireless card.

  ade.h 15:02 06 Mar 2006

My setup is thus:

Office desktop, with printer, both switched on most of the day. Wired to the router via a long cable into the house.

Home desktop, with printer, on some of the time. Wireless-enabled.

Two laptops, used wirelessly.

They all share the printers happily via the router; it does not matter whether it is wired or wireless.

  bradwell boy 21:49 06 Mar 2006

I did this with all stuff switched on. Cannot seethat it did the biz. Maybe I haven't got the setup right with the wireless network.
Both PC's are wireless to the Router.

Do I have to do something to get the two PC's to see each other first. Everytime I tell it to search for a network they both see the Router, but nothing else?

  ade.h 22:10 06 Mar 2006

Well yes, of course they see the router and nothing else!

I'll start with folder sharing first. Here's how:

1) Switch on all your PCs.

2) On the first PC, select a folder that is to be shared, first making certain that it is shareable (user privacy settings will block this). Right-click it and select Properties, go to the Sharing tab and enable it. If the option is greyed out then you cannot share this folder.

3) Open My Network Places (called MNP from here on). Select Add a Network Place click the Next button twice, ignoring the strange description about service providers.

4) Click Browse. Keep expanding Entire Network until you reach the PC that you are currently using. You will see - among other entries - the folder that you just shared. Select it and click Okay.

5) Finish the wizard.

6) Now go to another PC and follow steps 3 to 5 for that same folder.


1) Swith on your printer.

2) On the PC that hosts the printer, open Printers and Faxes. Right-click your chosen printer and select sharing.

3) Now move to another PC. Open Printers and Faxes and select Add a Printer.

4) Click Next and choose the second option - for network printers. Complete the wizard.

  bradwell boy 22:36 08 Mar 2006

Ade. I completed the above to point 4. I expanded but never got as far as the folder I had completed in point 2. Just got as far as the name I had given my network.

  ade.h 22:47 08 Mar 2006

click here if you can't get as far as this, then there is something wrong either in how you are setting up sharing or how your PC is configured. This is one of those things that is difficult for me to solve without seeing it firsthand.

  bradwell boy 23:15 08 Mar 2006

Ade. On my set up it is getting as far as Mshome. It is not expanding to the folder I have said are shareable. Could it be down to firewalls?

  ade.h 23:27 08 Mar 2006

You need the IPs (or IP ranges to cope with auto-assignment from the DHCP server in the router) placed in the Trusted area (or similar of your software firewalls.

  bradwell boy 23:11 10 Mar 2006

I think I am slowly getting closer.

Configured my firewall of each PC. Run add a network place on each machine and setup network. In my first PC I can now see in Network Places a listing of the folders that are on PC2. Still says not accessible when try to view in them. On PC2 I cannot get this yet. Must have done something right, but not fully right. Will find out what is was soon.

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