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  Mabinogion 00:34 20 Jul 2011

Hi My brother had a laptop given to him by his sister in law which hasn't been used for about 8 months and was bought about 15 months ago so it is quite new and not used very much an Acer Extensa 5220. I was trying to connect it for him to his wireless router but the button on the front of the laptop wouldn't make the light come on to enable the wireless connection and we thought at first it wasn't wireless enabled but after looking at the 'Device Manager' and 'Network Adapter' all the drivers have the little yellow symbols with the exclamation marks by the side of them indicating that there is something wrong (can't remember the exact wording now but it was something like the drivers failed. But on starting up the laptop at first we had a window come up saying that the computer could not be started please wait and a program started a repair process but at the end it said it couldn't be repaired. The laptop came on ok but obviously the Network section was the part that failed to load. So my question is... if I click on update or roll back on these 'yellow symboled' icons would that be the right thing to do? Thanks

  retep888™ 02:10 20 Jul 2011

I suppose your Acer is running Vista otherwise Win7 should have handled all those major drivers.

You can download drivers from Acer website click here and choose the laptop model with a working laptop/pc, here is a screenshot of the page you should finally get to click here

If all fails then inevitably you'll have to restore it back to factory settings, instruction below quoted from Acer site:

Restore and recovery

The restore and recovery features allow you to restore or recover the system from a factory default image, from a user created image, or from previously created CD and DVD backups. You can also reinstall applications and drivers for your Acer system.

1 Press + or select Acer eRecovery Management from the Empowering Technology toolbar to start Acer eRecovery Management.

2 Switch to the restore and recovery page by selecting the Restore button.

3 Select the backup point you would like to restore from. You can also choose to recover the system from a factory default image, recover from a previously created CD/DVD or reinstall applications and drivers.

4 Follow the instructions on screen to complete the process.

  retep888™ 02:41 20 Jul 2011

Just noticed......

Under the Restore and recovery , the first step should read as:

  1. Press Alt + F10 or select Acer eRecovery Management............

This site doesn't like .

  onthelimit1 08:41 20 Jul 2011

You could try the free Slimdrivers - this will offer driver updates or missing drivers here

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