Network Dilemma

  griffo 15:40 26 Jul 2003

Have 2 desktop PC's, one is W98 connected to BT Highway via a USB cable. Other PC (upstairs, approx 45 Ft away from PC 1)is on W98SE. I wish to share Internet connection. Went to PC World to buy kit using 2 PCI cards and crossover (?) cable. Assistant tells me that connection speeds will reduce by up to 50% - don't want that. Then says I need a Router, but that it can't be connected because I'm using a USB cable to Highway. From this point on nobody in the store could really offer what seemed to be a comprehensible suggestion.

I have W98SE which I could install on PC1 if it helps (would I simply overwrite?) - however, first I need someone to tell me (clearly please, cos' the more I read, the more I become confused!) what hardware configuration should I use (wireless too costly) to get max speed internet sharing?

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