Network Dilemma

  griffo 15:54 26 Jul 2003

Have 2 PC's 1x W98, connected to BT Highway vis USB cable, 1x W98SE (upstairs, approx 45 ft)and I wish to share the ISDN internet connection. Went to PC World intending to buy Belkin starter kit (2x PCI cards + crossover cable), only to be told it would reduce internet speed by up to 50% when sharing - don't want that. From here on the staff were unable to really help, they said I need a router, but can't use one as I'm connected via USB to BT??

Have tried reading other threads but am totally confused. Please can someone clearly tell me what is the best hardware/software configuration to use (wireless too costly).
PS. I have W98SE CD if it would help to upgrade PC 1 (would I simply install over W98?)

  spikeychris 17:01 26 Jul 2003

As you have already figured out you will need to bang SE over the top of 98 as 98 does not have ICS built in. If you would rather not install SE then click here and use the third party software available.

If you do decided to install over the top thats all you have to do ie: just run the disk and install over 98, it will keep your files and folders safe untouched.

You don't need a router and you do need a x over cable and two NIC's. This way you will have to have the 'master' machine switched on all the time for the other to be able to have internet access.

If you want a router then the master doesn't have to be online for the client to have internet access.

click here for information on how to install ICS. The 50% need to be aware that if machine one is on a site that requires lot of resources ie: graphics refresh times etc it will slow the other down...if however they are both just surfing the internet the loss will be minimal. 50% has been mentioned because you are obviously halving the bandwidth with the other machine.

click here if you run in to any problems with ICS.


  Winston Churchill 17:11 26 Jul 2003

it would only reduce speed I think when the other computer is utilising it, that is how it works with ym ones however, but get someone elses opinion.

  griffo 17:13 26 Jul 2003

thanks Chris - it sounds as though a Router might be a better arrangement to give the connection autonmy, however, the bloke in PCW said I couldn't use one because I connect to BT via a USB cable - is this right?

By the way, I'm having shutdown problems on PC1 (W98), will overwriting with SE rectify this?

Geoff (Griffo)

  spikeychris 17:29 26 Jul 2003

If the USB cable modem attach├ęs to your PC via the USB port,
you're going to need a router which accepts a USB connection. 98SE has its own shutdown issues, but there are a lot of patches available. Disabling fast shutdown often works.


  spikeychris 17:32 26 Jul 2003

Does your cable modem have both RJ45 and USB connections?

  griffo 19:08 26 Jul 2003

I'm not using an ISDN modem, as BT Highway allows direct connection from the USB port of the PC, by cable, into the Highway box, without the need for a modem.

  howard60 20:00 26 Jul 2003

I have 2 pcs networked and the loss of speed when they are both downloading is marginal. When just surfing you would not know the other pc was on. Just use 2 nics and a crossover cable with the main pc connected as normal. Yes the host will have to be on but that is a very small consideration. Make sure both pcs have an uptodate virus protector [I use AVG] and fit a firewall on the host [I use zone alarm]

  griffo 20:59 26 Jul 2003

cheers Howard - this is reassuring regarding speeds. Already use Norton Systemworks 2003 which includes antivirus - haven't yet installed Personal Firewall, which was included with SW 2003 - is it any good do you know? ta.

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