network connections

  nogga 19:27 06 Feb 2004

When my computer boots up and the desktop loads, I keep getting a pop up box with the message:
Network Connection.
you or a programme have requested information from lockup Which coonection do you want to use. I have two ISP's and there is also an icon in control panel with the header LAN or high speed internet and under the icon is
1394 connection
1394 Net Adapter
Am I right in thinking that being enabled, it is causing the pop up. Should it be disabled ?.

  LeadingMNMs 19:31 06 Feb 2004

I don't know what it is therefore. I have disable it on my computer since it is likely to reduce performance as the OS will keep checking on it to see its state.

I wouldn't have thought that this was causing a pop up. Since it wants to connect to I would have expected it to be something to do with a zonealarm firewall.

  LeadingMNMs 19:33 06 Feb 2004

Why the 2 posts on same topic ?

  [email protected]@m 19:42 06 Feb 2004

Your firewall has been hardened! click here

  nogga 15:32 07 Feb 2004

thanks leading MNMs, the two posts were a miatake, I didnt thing the first one had been submitted. I use Zonealarm. so you could be right.

  nogga 15:39 07 Feb 2004

thanks [email protected]@m,
Its a bit too complicated for me to understand.
Anyway, Ive had a poke around and I have got rid of it now, so hopefully everything is hunky dory.
Ive run a complete virus scan on AVG and nothing found.

  Yokel 16:16 07 Feb 2004

1394 is a FireWire connection, if you haven't got a connection on that port then disable it anyway.

  nogga 16:46 07 Feb 2004

thanks yokel, I thought the number looked familiar, I do have a firewire port which I use with my digital cam-corder. I'll not disable it in that case. Thanks again.

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