network connection probs

  sparkyuk 20:17 20 Jul 2007

we have 3 computers linked by cable and they were all fine until one of the computers became invisable to the other two machines, the problem computer can still see both the other computers and is able to use all the shared folders, we have tried running the network wizard on the computer again but we still cant see it, the share folder on the computer is set to share, i think its a firewall thing or maybe a AV prog that is blocking us, but no matter what we try we can not get to the bottom of it any help please

  FreeCell 20:52 20 Jul 2007

Could be an IP address issue. Have you checked that the IP address of the "lost PC" is included in the firewall settings for allowed access on the other two and vice versa?

  sparkyuk 20:55 20 Jul 2007

Yes we did include the ip addresss of the two other computers on the lost computer firewall and it still didnt solve it

  Joe R 21:12 20 Jul 2007


has Application layer gateway, generic host process and LSA shell all got access to internet and server.?

  FreeCell 21:17 20 Jul 2007

..and is the IP address of the missing computer in the other two as well. AS it is invisible to them it would be the other two that were blocking access. IP address of missing PC may have changed since original set-up explaining why it is now invisible. Just a thought.

  sparkyuk 07:04 14 Aug 2007

sorry been away could you explain were i do this ? we are all just using windows firewall btw

  FreeCell 11:54 14 Aug 2007

First try switching off Windows Firewall and seeing if you can then connect. That would dtermine if it was a firewall problem.

To find the IP address of the "missing computer". On this PC select - "Start" - then "Run"

Type cmd into the box and press OK

Type the following into the black box that should appear: ipconfig /all

Hit return and you should see a display of IP data. In this list is the IP Address of the PC so make a note of this.

In the other two PCs now make sure this IP address appears in the firewall permitted addresses for the file and print sharing service.

  sparkyuk 06:57 15 Aug 2007

Thanks m8 will try that today, if i need to add the ip address's how do I do that please

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