Network connection problems

  mijihon 11:32 12 Sep 2009

Hey guys, I've been having problems with my routers for some while now. I can get an internet connection no problem, but its when I come to gaming that I'm struggling.

Initially it started with my xbox 360, I found it impossible to find matches on a lot of online games (though not all of them) and found out it was due to my NAT setting being 'strict'. I spent a long time looking into this and port forwarding, etc but eventually gave up as nothing seemed to work and just resigned to the fact I wouldnt be able to play all 360 games online.

So its been something thats been annoying, yet bareable up until now. I've just forked out for a new gaming PC though, and decided to buy Team Fortress 2 along with it. I've installed the game, but upon running it and joining a match I am instanting greeted with a message saying "Warning: Connection problem, Auto disconnect in 30 seconds". Having read a little deaper into this it turns out it is a similar problem to the 360s.

The confussion for me is my set up. Unfortunatly we are with BT, and so are blessed with the joys of the homehub. Not only this, but for convenience sake (due to the amount of PCs in the household) we run a Linksys WRT54G gateway to allow them to all be connected to the internet from different points of the house. So as far as my PC connection goes it looks as follows:

BT Home Hub >>>>>>>>> Linksys WRT54G >>>>>>> My PC

Like I said, it seems I have tried everything and am at a complete loss as to what to do to get things working. Would be extremely greatful for any advice that more computer/network literate people may have :)

  Jollyjohn 07:53 13 Sep 2009

If you connect directly to the home hub is the connection OK?
Are there any other computers connected to the hub?
In the advanced settings of the home hub you can set it to DMZ mode which allows everything through, the linksys will then handle directing the network traffic.

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