Network Connection Problem

  dublincity 00:05 09 Jul 2005

My recently-installed Home Network on 2 PC's has been working properly for a week or so. Now, the 'client' PC, although connecting to the internet as it should do, won't allow anything to access the internet. I clicked on 'Tools' in the browser, then on 'Internet Options' and got a message that said, 'This is not available with the existing configuration. Consult the Administrator.'

However, I repeated the clicking and the 'Internet Options' box then appeared - but that made no difference to the failure to gain access to the internet.

As far as I know, I haven't altered any LAN, browser or firewall etc. settings.

Does anybody have an idea of what I need to look at?

Many Thanks.

  Taff36 14:46 09 Jul 2005

How does the main PC connect to the internet? Via a modem but what type? Cable or Wireless? Which Operating systems are running on each PC? All sounds a bit odd if it`s worked before though - something has changed so post back and we`ll give it a go.

  dublincity 20:58 09 Jul 2005

Thanks. I'm new to networking and had a series of problems. I was given a lot of help with different threads on these sites.

I think I've now got the connection & access working again by using System Restore and going back several days to when it was ok.

I've got 2 PC's, both on XP Pro, running at the same time using a KVM Switch and a USB-USB Data Transfer set-up. I connected up the ethernet cards in each PC with a crossover cable and after some problems used the wizard to instal a home network.

The PC was re-booting after System Restore when I had a Spybot warning that a change had been made to 'C\systems\windows32 .........' (I missed the rest). Usually, there'd be an option to allow or cancel the change - but the PC then shut down.

I'm still curious about what caused the problem in the first place. Presumably, some settings (now restored) had been changed without me knowing.

The modem is a Conexant V92 External Modem by SpeedCom+.

The Ethernet Cards are:-

New PC: Motherboard Onboard - VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter

Old PC: Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC - 10/100 NIC PCI, 32-bit bandwidth, PCI Interface

  stalion 21:03 09 Jul 2005

could be malaware in your system I would do a virus and spyware scan.Have you installed any new programs is another possibility for the changes

  dublincity 22:29 09 Jul 2005

Thanks - I'd previously run AVG, M'soft Anti-Spy Beta, Ad-Aware & Spybot and found only a few minor threats. However, I HAD installed the 14-Day Counterspy Demo. That gives a lot of pop-up boxes - I do wonder if Counterspy itself had changed the LAN settings ..............

Using System Restore has disabled Counterspy

......... ummmmmmm

  Kate B 11:27 10 Jul 2005

I would have thought that the free options you're using are plenty - there are so many good free tools out there that I can't see any reason to pay for one.

I did a very quick Google of Counterspy and while none seemed to suggest any problems with it (some paid-for anti-crudware does throw up a lot of false positives to convince you to pay for the "protection") if you were having no problems before I think you're best off without it.

  dublincity 23:10 10 Jul 2005

Hi - thanks. I haven't paid for Counterspy (and won't!). I'm running it on the 14-Day Free demo because it was recommended to me. It did, indeed, find 2 parasites that had not been found by AVG, M'soft Beta or the others. Similarly, M'soft Beta found and blobbed the 2 remaining Trojans - AVG had found 6 Trojans but could only heal 4 of them. AVG is notoriously poor at fixing 'Downloader' bugs.

Conclusion: Counterspy did a good job.

I can post more details here if anybody is interested. Cheers.

  dublincity 23:16 10 Jul 2005

Counterspy found:-
8 x infected registry keys – no action was recommended
plus 4 x spyware components, viz:-
2 infective cookies ( – Moderate Risk & – Low Risk) &
1 x Password Hijacker & 1 x Find Password Protected Documents – both Elevated Threats
Of these 4 x spyware components, Counterspy deleted 2 and quarantined 2.

None of these had been found by the other 4 programs.

This site click here discusses the cowboy progs that find the fictitious spyware.

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