Network connection issue, pc cannot find hardware.

  Picklefactory 19:55 24 Mar 2009

Hello folks
Have recently formatted and re-installed XP, all gone smoothly with no obvious issues, have spent tha last few days updating service packs, and re-installing my favourite programs and data, again, no obvious issues. I'm using the pc now, so obviously no internet connection issues either. However, I've just got around to setting up my home network again, and I'm struggling. The network wizard will not run and tells me it cannot find my network hardware, I had no issue running this with Vista (Which I've sacked). has anyone any ideas?
I have msi p6n sli v2 mobo, and I've run the driver disc for this three times now to see if it would help, I've checked that the network card is enabled in device manager, can't see anything wrong.
Any ideas folks?

  Picklefactory 20:26 24 Mar 2009

The more I Google, the more worried I'm getting. The only fix I've found to this, is to reformat and re-install XP. I've spent days getting everything back together and would really want to avoid that if at all possible.

  mgmcc 21:14 24 Mar 2009

Does the network adapter ("Local Area Connection" or "Wireless Network Connection") appear in the Network Connections folder? Is your internet connection, which is functioning satisfactorily, via a Router or a USB ADSL Modem?

I have several computers networked and the one thing that I have *NEVER DONE* is to run the network wizard. Basically, all you need to do (assuming the hardware side is set up correctly) is to set as "shared" any folders that you want to have available over the network, by right clicking and selecting the Sharing & Security option. Similarly, set any Printers as "shared". If using a third-party firewall, configure it to allow access to the networked computers, which may involve adding their IP addresses in a "trusted" section.

  Picklefactory 21:30 24 Mar 2009

That sounds interesting.
No, Local or wireless connections do NOT appear, and my internet and network connections are via a Netgear wireless router (Ethernet cable connection from desktop to router) and just a wired printer to desktop and then laptops via wireless.
I don't have a 3rd party firewall, just Windows at the moment.

I'll have a dabble with sharing/security, thanks a heap

  Picklefactory 22:08 24 Mar 2009

Got the network data access no problem, but still haven't quite cracked the printer. Had enough for tonight though, I'll have another dabble tomorrow and post back.
Thanks for the advice, definitely going in the right direction.

Cheers mgmcc

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