Network connecting cables.

  Meshuga 17:05 12 Apr 2004

I am using Winxp home and at the moment I have 2 pc,s networked and they are connected via a 10 metre run of crossover cable. They are in adjoining rooms with the cable going through a wall. I am thinking of adding another pc which I understand will require a router added and a straight through cable instead of the crossover.Is this correct and is there an adapter available to fit to one end of the crossover cable to reverse the connections to make it straight through. I know the cable is cheap enough to buy but an adapter would save a lot of work changing the cable as furniture would have to be shifted to get at the cable. Doing it once was enough. Meshuga.

  Indigo 1 17:23 12 Apr 2004

You might find what you need here click here.

  Meshuga 17:35 12 Apr 2004

Many thanks Indigo1.This is where I got the crossover cable from but there is no adapter listed. I`ll give them a ring tomorrow. Thanks again. Meshuga.

If you are using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) then you will not need a router, but if you want all computers to connect to the internet individually then you will require a Router.

Most routers have a few RJ45 connectors and some have an uplink version as well.

Alternatively if you are using the ICS facility then a hub will do the job for you and again most of those have an Uplink RJ45 connector which will 'Uncross' your crossover cable.

Feel free to contact via the envelope if you want more information


  howard60 20:27 12 Apr 2004

3 com do an office connect hub which will accept a crossover cable as if it were a straight through. Also maplins sell an adaptor which is a crossover device - plug a straight rj45 in and it becomes a crossover - I assume that if you plug in a crossover it will then make it a straight - it was under a fiver.

  Meshuga 07:26 13 Apr 2004

Many thanks to Whisperer and howard60. Very useful info. Regards to all. Meshuga.

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