Network cards ?

  Ikelos 16:39 20 Mar 2006

Hi, just changed my BT Voyager adsl wireless router for a Netgear DG834G to run two laptops, on one of the laptops it has a built in 54mbps card the other one has a 11mbps card sticking out the side, I have now ordered a new 54mbps card, can some one tell me where does the 54mbps or the 11mbps come into it, does it just make the files transfer quicker, or does it make the broadband connection run quicker or both.


  ade.h 18:21 20 Mar 2006

Firstly, it allows for faster network connections (which would have absolutely no effect on your internet connection at UK speeds).

Secondly, they are two different standards. Most routers and most adapters can receive/send both 802.11b (up to 11Mbits per sec) and 802.11g (up to 54Mbits per sec) signals. Most, but not necessarily all.

  ade.h 18:22 20 Mar 2006

Oh, and any 802.11b legacy device will not handle 802.11g. The other equipment in the chain would need to be switched into 11b mode, notwithstanding any auto-detection.

  Ikelos 18:29 20 Mar 2006

thanks for that, perhaps you could give me a few of your brain cells, so i could get my head around all this network thingy...

  ade.h 18:42 20 Mar 2006

You'll get used to it. I still learn new things about networking on at least a weekly basis! Six months ago, I was just considering setting up a network and was silently reading this forum section picking up tips.

  ade.h 18:43 20 Mar 2006

Oh, and as for brain cells; they are at a premium! LOL.

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