network card please help

  ozzy 123 23:10 16 May 2003

Hi can any one please help.
if i get a network card fitted to my and my childrens pc's will we all be able to surf the net at the same time using one internet account on standard 56k dial up modems and will we be able to wiew different pages at the same time. sorry if i sound a bit thick but i'm fairly new to pc's.
one more bit of info please. can it be done with lap top and desc top pc's.

  DAICAP 00:01 17 May 2003

Using windows 98 or later you can enable internet connection sharing. Go to control panel - add/remove programs - windows setup to install it in win98.

You will need a crossover cable as well as the 2 cards.

Hope this helps

  keith-236785 00:02 17 May 2003

if you connect the two pcs directly you will need a crossover network cable, once this is set up then both computers should be able to access the internet through one connection. please note that two pc sharing a 56k modem might make for slow browsing but it will work. and yes you will be able to view different pages no problem, dont know what you mean about the laptop though, is this going to be networked as well so you have three pcs sharing?, if so firstly you will need a HUB and the network cables are then straight NOT crossover, and sharing three on a 56k modem will be painfully slow if all are used together. hope this helps, if iv`e got something wrong let me know.

  QueenBee 00:07 17 May 2003

Simple answer, yes. As long as your operating system is Windows 98 or later, you can use Internet Connection Sharing and each computer can view different pages. The only real problem you'll have is that you have to share the bandwidth - fairly slow on a 56k modem. Downloading a file onto one computer will definately slow down browsing on the other.

It doesn't matter whether you're using a laptop or a desktop machine as long as you have a network card in it and the operating system supports Internet Connection Sharing.

Hope this helps!

  Gaz W 10:20 17 May 2003

Although it will be slower if both PCs are being used for downloading, if you are just viewing web pages, etc, the chances are that you won't both be downloading at exactly the same time anyway.

  jazzypop 11:10 17 May 2003

Here's how to do it - click here

  ozzy 123 20:10 17 May 2003

many thanks to every one who helped me with netwoking my pc's all the advise was gratefully recieved. many thanks again... ozzy 123

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