Network card not connecting to Internet

  pj1664 13:25 25 Feb 2004

Hello everyone, I have a problem with one of my network connection. I have 3 pc's on my home network and they all seem to connect and communicate well within the network, It acknowledges the other two machines but the problem I am having is that it fails to connect to the Internet. My network card exist in all network protocalls i.e netbuie,IPX/SPX,TCP/IP but It does not appear when I Run/Winipcfg/OK all I see In the IP Configuration is the PPP Adaptar, yet the network card exist in my device
Manager. All drivers are loaded and present and the card works well within the home network, so It's not the rooter, Hub or Cable at fault. Is there something I am missing in Internet connection? I am running Windows 98. I much appreciate If someone can advice me accordingly. Thanking you In advance.

  nyleridedog 14:24 25 Feb 2004

Have had this problem a few times with network cards.

1, is it the correct driver or has windows installed its own for you?
try reinstalling it!


2, go to network properties for that connection and bind the nic to the protocol


3,Go into control panel/network..
Remove TCP/IP bound to the network card ... do not click on ok
Now add TCP/IP back in...
You can now safely click ok....
You should now see the network card listed in WINIPCFG

  vinnyo123 14:57 25 Feb 2004

loopback test. ping

  pj1664 21:15 25 Feb 2004

Thank you for your Input and I have done of what you mentioned and Install the driver again and now the Network card appears in the drop down menu of the IP configuration but It dosent stay. Each time I drop down the menu and highlight my card and press OK, PPP Adaptor falls back in place and I think this is what preventing mefrom logging on to the Internet via this perticular computer. How do I prevent this from happening. Any Idea.

  nyleridedog 10:30 26 Feb 2004

so if you select the nic, it just jumps back to ppp? in front of your eyes?

or is it when you go back into winipcfg it has changed back to ppp!

if it is the second one well thats ok it does that!

but if it changes to ppp in front of you when you select the nic...well thats not right

  pj1664 12:33 26 Feb 2004

Yes its the second one, where you go back to it, its back to ppp. HOW CAN I MAKE IT STAY PERMENENTLY because i still can't connect to the Internet. I don't remember having this problem with my other 2 pc's which has the nic permenently in the IP Configuration and connect well to the Internet. Thanks for your response.

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