network cables outdoors?

  chris6891 14:52 19 Feb 2004

are network cables like, waterproof? I need to run a network cable from upstairs (router) to downstairs where one of my PC's are. I could drill through the house in order to lay the cable, but the best option would be to have the cable run outside the room and down the side of the house in order to hide the cable, as a big yellow cable is quite ugly running through the house! Therefore my question, is it possible to run the network cable outside, or will it need some sort of proofing? Thanks.

  stlucia 14:58 19 Feb 2004

Yes, it's waterproof so long as it's not damaged. But in the longer term it might suffer from degradation due to the effects of sunlight and general weathering.

If you do run it outside, make sure you leave a small loop hanging down just before it enters the house, so that water running down it will drip off rather than coming through the wall or window frame where the cable enters.

  chris6891 16:02 19 Feb 2004

ahh good thinking with the loop :d thanks a lot!

  Mysticnas 16:11 19 Feb 2004

having a big yellow cable will look a tad ugly inside..

but don't you think it'd look worse outside???

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