A network cable is unplugged ... still

  stlucia 11:43 30 Apr 2010

A short while back I was experiencing intermittent problems with a "A network cable is unplugged" error message (previous thread on the subject at click here ).

Following advice from AOL and members on this forum, I installed a Netgear wireless router/modem, and all has gone well for the past few days. I'm using a cable connection from my PC to the router, and its wireless is currently disabled because I currently have no wireless devices.

This morning everything seemed to power up okay; the modem showed the correct green lights, and the AOL symbol in the notification area of my screen showed that I had a connection. But when I started up Firefox, it eventually timed-out on trying to connect to any web site. When I hovered over the AOL symbol I got the dreaded "A network cable is unplugged" message.

Re-booting the PC and modem didn't help, but about half an hour later, after another re-boot, connection was restored.

Since the router was showing a green internet symbol, and I'm now using the ethernet connection instead of the USB connection I used with my previous modem, I presume that the fault must be somewhere inside my PC. Where should I start looking, please?

I've been to Settings/Network Connections and it reports that Local Area Connection 2 is Connected. I also clicked on the "Repair" option there, but it didn't cure the problem.

  stlucia 08:09 01 May 2010


  citadel 08:47 01 May 2010

I used to get this on a pc with widows xp, it never stopped the internet from working normally, never get it on vista.

  john bunyan 08:47 01 May 2010

TRY opening device manager, then network adapter,then network controller, then right click and select update driver software. then chose to install drivers from your pc. I do not know why, but this works for me!

  stlucia 11:20 01 May 2010

... I've just done that and re-booted the PC. My network card shows as NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, by the way, and it updated without glitch.

As I said, the problem is very intermittent, so it may be a while before I can confirm, or otherwise, that the update has solved the problem.

citadel, I don't think it can be the same problem as you had for, with my old BT Voyager modem and my new Netgear DG834G router, my internet connection is cut whenever I get the message. The only difference between them is that with my router it seems quite clear that the fault is within the PC, rather than an external cable, because the router continues to show a green internet light.

  tes 12:24 01 May 2010

Had the same problem Turned out to be the onboard lan. installed LAN pcb & have had no trouble since.

  stlucia 11:09 02 May 2010

"Had the same problem Turned out to be the onboard lan ..."

I presume that would be the NCIDIA ethernet card in my PC, tes? Maybe I should take the cover off and make sure it's seated properly, for starters.

  rdave13 11:42 02 May 2010

I'm a bit puzzled by this one. The 'cable unplugged' with the old usb modem I can understand as it was an old issue with them. With the Netgear I think it could be just a coincidence that you are having the same resulting issue. It could be the ethernet cable not sitting well enough in the port. One cable I had had the tiny plastic lever , to hold it secure, broken so it actually lost the physical connection in the port. Check both connectors on the ethernet cable and change the router/computer ends.
Next time you get the 'cable unplugged' warning just gently play with the connectors and cable to see if it is a bad connection/cable.

  tes 11:59 02 May 2010

Mine was part of the motherboard so i dissabled it & fitted a plug in one.

  johndrew 12:46 02 May 2010

I cured mine simply by going to "Start/Control Panel/Network Connections" and right clicking the "Local Area Connections" shown with a red cross (Network Cable Unplugged) selecting "Properties" and un-checking the box marked "Show icon in notification area when connected".

The two (in my case) icons for "NVidia nforce 10/100/1000 ..." and Marvel Yukon 88E8001/8003/ ..." disappeared and that which had a true value (1394 Connection) will advise me of a problem if one occurs.

The reason for the two false positive indications in my case is that although the facility exists on the motherboard, and is fully ready to function, it is not connected to anything.

Whether a similar action will resolve your intermittent disconnect and messages I`m not certain, but it should be worth a try.

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