Network cable unplugged

  flicknaldo 13:36 03 Dec 2007

I am unable to get onto the internet even though my cable connection is plugged into my pc. When I click on my internet explorer my pc makes a strange noise - ststst ststst ststst, while this noise is happening i am unble to close the screen or do anything until the ststst has stopped. Please help!!

  xania 13:58 03 Dec 2007

It would help if you could be more specific about what is generating the noise. I suspect its the floppy drive trying to read a disc that is not there, so try putting a blank floopy in the drive and see if this solves that part of the problem. You might alos like to take a look at the icon you a clicking to start up the internet and see if the properties show a link to a file on the A:\ drive.

  flicknaldo 16:04 03 Dec 2007

I am 99.9% sure it is not a noise from the floppy drive. The noise only occurs when I try to access the internet and the noise sounds like it is coming from the vacinity of the motherboard. Just out of interest where will I see the links if any to a a:\drive. I have clicked on internet explorer properties and there isn't anything there which relates to the a:\drive.

  johnnyrocker 16:10 03 Dec 2007

it may be an on bord modem dialling out? go to tools/internet options and connections check dialling settings.


  johnnyrocker 16:43 03 Dec 2007

I think I have found my problem, the noise appears to be coming from the hard drive, which I assume is going to be a big job, any advice?

just to keep all informed


  Technotiger 16:54 03 Dec 2007

If it is the hard drive, I would advise you to make sure you have anything important to you, backed up!

  Technotiger 17:48 03 Dec 2007

Hi, I was just reading another piece of advice you have given and to backup you suggest Acronis, because I am unable to connect to the internet this will not be possible, are you able to suggest an alternative as I am not totally comfortable with ensuring I have backed everything up mainly because I am not sure what I am totally doing.

If you have a dvd writer and some blank dvd's you could at least save anything that is important to you - I am thinking mainly of things like emails and photographs and documents.

Please note that a members Yellow envelope should only be used by invitation - any further questions should be kept in the Thread, that way everybody can see the problem and offer assistance. Many heads are better than one, especially when the 'one' is mine, lol. Don't take this personal, I am not complaining, just explaining.

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