Network cable unplugged!?

  phil2816 21:53 04 Sep 2006

Hey guys..not a major issue here, but my pc always displays the Local Area Connection thing in bottom left task bar..and states a network cable is unplugged (just one) - the other 2 work fine and so does my internet! However shall i just disable this network cable (the 1 thats unplugges) as then it doesn't show at taskbar = quicker pc! thanks

  STREETWORK 21:57 04 Sep 2006

Don't worry about it, I have the same and there is no difference if its there or not...

  phil2816 22:02 04 Sep 2006

ok so i can just disable it?

  STREETWORK 22:08 04 Sep 2006

If you do, do it from control panel

  phil2816 22:09 04 Sep 2006

ok thanks

  €dstowe 22:42 04 Sep 2006

Be careful A friend disabled what he thought was a redundant ethernet port but the one disabled was the wrong one. Extremely difficult to get things back to normal again.

I'd leave it alone to be safe.

  squashman 01:23 05 Sep 2006

I hav the same problem and an additional one. having installed a bluetooth dongle, it also states that is un plugged. how do I solve this please?

  ezypcy 01:41 05 Sep 2006

This is not a problem just leave it.
As STREETWORK says do it in Device Manager then click
on device,then in Properties Window scroll down Device Usage and from here you can disable it.

  phil2816 14:20 05 Sep 2006

Thanks...what does this esthernet connection actually do though??Thanks

  ade.h 14:42 05 Sep 2006

It connects to routers, hubs, switches, servers, even other PC if used ad-hoc. If you hadn't disabled it, the next best solution would have been to disable balloon tips.

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