Network cable unplugged??? 03:02 15 Jan 2006

Been offline for a month, after PC died of old age.

I have just set up my new PC, with XP (I was using ME on my last one), and have a strange icon and message in the system tray.

I have my normal connected icon with the two screens, but then I have another two screens with a red X, which displays the message "Local Area Connection. A network cable is unplugged".

This is a lone PC, not part of any network. Any ideas? Cheers, Whiz...

  AndySD 04:18 15 Jan 2006


The motherboard has an onboard 10/100 or gigabit lan. You will need to disable it in the bios.

If you need help with this post back.

  wobblymike 07:32 15 Jan 2006

you can also disable it in control panel

however if you use broadband why not use it it's better than usb 11:32 15 Jan 2006

using USB. I don't really want to mess with the bios on my new toy yet, will have a look at the control panel option first.

Thanks all.

  mgmcc 13:29 15 Jan 2006

Just right click the "Local Area Connection" in the Network Connections folder and select "Disable". 14:21 15 Jan 2006

all done. Simple really, just not used to XP yet.

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