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  pookie 21:18 08 Jul 2013

Good evening,

Windows 7 and BT Infinity with their modem and Home Hub 3. I have modem connected to master socket, cat 5e cable from modem to HH3 and cat 5e cable from HH3 to homeplug. Then upstairs cat 5e cable from homeplug to main pc. All works fine.

My cat 5e cables are all 2m or longer but I want to tidy the cabling up by buying some cat 6 1m cables. I don't need to change the modem to master socket cable. But what are the cat 6 cables called? I have seen sites selling cat 6, cat 6 patch, cat 6 ethernet, cat 6 rj45 and cat 6 rj11. I have seen shielded and unshielded?

Thank you

  spuds 00:21 09 Jul 2013

I find this site very helpful when seeking information about broadband etc click here be warned, it can be very time consuming, due to the nature of the website.


  spuds 00:24 09 Jul 2013

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  onthelimit1 09:33 09 Jul 2013

Cat 6 patch is to link 2 PCs together using their ethernet ports (the wiring swaps round between the two plugs). Cat 6 ethernet is the standard connector which uses RJ45 plugs.

  lotvic 09:59 09 Jul 2013

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  woodchip 11:45 09 Jul 2013

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  lotvic 13:48 09 Jul 2013

RJ = Registered Jack (the plug at the end of cable or the socket it plugs into)

the numbers (eg: 11, 45) indicate which wires inside the cable are connected and the size of the socket (You will find an RJ45 end is too big to fit in a RJ11 socket)

RJ11 is used for telephones Voice etc

RJ45 is used for Data networking (ethernet). These are on back of Router LAN ports.

The cable:

Cat = category (and the number indicates the speed data can travel down the wires)

Cat 5e = the 'e' means enhanced and minimises interference on the line.

How fast can the Data can travel through the cable? Note that overall speed of Data transfer can only be as fast as the slowest length of cable between equipment. For the internet that's between you and the ISP (to the telephone exchange) therefore Cat 5e ethernet (RJ45 connectors) is the usual to use inside homes. Cat 6 is regarded as being used for heavy duty industrial speeds and can carry data faster and over greater distance.

Also found which should help and has pics and explains shielding.

and click here For quick reference, here are the ratings of the various category cables:

Cat 5 up to 100MHz

Cat 5e up to 350MHz

Cat 6 up to 550MHz

(there's more about the differences on link)

  LastChip 14:39 09 Jul 2013

Use cat 6.

As lotvic correctly says, it won't influence the Internet data speed, but it could influence computer to computer speed and as most modern computers are fitted with 1 Gb interfaces, cat 6 is preferable. It will also future proof to some degree your network.

Patch cables are "straight through" cables - in other words, each terminal connection is the same both ends.

Crossover cables have two strands of the cable switched over and are used to connect device to device, although many modern devices will now auto-sense which cable you are using and adapt accordingly.

You already have a thorough explanation of what RJ45 and RJ11 means.

Shielding is generally used where there is a possibility of radio frequency (RF) interference and is particularly needed when running cables close to florescent lighting or AC cables. Though that is not the only source by any means.

  onthelimit1 16:34 09 Jul 2013


Well done - you spotted my deliberate mistake. Must be withdrawal symptoms from an alcohol free week!

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