network cable

  raggydoll 16:57 20 Feb 2005

hi there all,i have a very infuriating problem,every couple of minutes i get the message in my taskbar "a network cable is unplugged",then "a network connection is available,an so on and so's doing my head in.i have checked all cables to my cable modem and my router all seems well,but still get the same messages,anyone got any ideas as to what the problem might be????.

  freaky 18:30 20 Feb 2005

If you are certain that all cables and connections are secure. Then check to make sure that your Network cards are securely plugged into the PCI slots. I had a similar problem and that was the cause.

The other possibility is that one of the cards is developing a fault.

  raggydoll 09:59 21 Feb 2005

My computer is directly connected to the router by ethernet cable,the 2 pc's upstairs are wireless conection,they have no problem.

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