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  Mastermind 13:17 08 Jul 2003

I'm planning a home network consisting of two of three PCs and a LaserJet 5N.

I was originally planning on buying a switch, such as the NetGear FS605 or FS105. I'm not sure what the differences are between the two.

However, I intending to get a broadband connection later in the year. A friend suggested that I get a NetGear DG814, but then said this would be no good since I'm with ntl.

Can anyone give me some advice (or point me in the right direction) since I'm quite confused.

Suggestions for broadband providers would also be helpful.

  Psiman 14:04 08 Jul 2003

Very little difference between the 105 and 605, both are 10/100 switches. The 605 is the newer model though.

Your frient is correct the DG814 will not work with NTL. You need a broadband cable modem such as the D-Link DCM-200 with co-axial input. I don't know if NTL have their own?

My personal advise is do not go to NTL. I am with BT ADSL; it may cost a few pounds extra but to me well worth it. You can then use a combined modem/router/switch such as D-Link DSL-504. Typically click here

As for the printer option, this gets a little more complicated.

1)You can run your printer off a dedicated PC (via USB or parallel port)and then other PCs on your net can access the printer through your net to the main PC. Disadvantage is that your main PC must be on for others to access the printer.

2) You can buy a printer server that plugs directly into your printer and is wired back to your router or switch.

3) (Best) you buy a combined router/switch with internal printer server, such as theD-Link-704

The above options are also available as WiFi units.

Trust this helps a little bit and post back if you require any clarifications.

  billyliv 14:07 08 Jul 2003

Hi, I have been with NTL 600k broadband for some time now, (no complaints, no problems). I have 3 machines running on the broadband connection. All machines access the internet at the same time veiwing different web sites. Set up is as follows :- Terayon USB/ethernet cable modem connected to a D Link DI-604 ethernet router using a straight through cat 5 cable. Each machine is then connected to the router using straight through cat 5 cables. I was fortunate that at the time I was installing my network it was decorating time so I was able to bury the cables in the walls and run them under the floorboards upstairs. Cheers, Bill

  Mastermind 14:41 08 Jul 2003

The problem is that a lot of ADSL suppliers require one to have a BT phone line. My phone is through ntl.

I thourght I could connect the LaserJet 5N straight to the hub/switch/router via the HP Jetdirect card (J2550B).

  basell 14:52 08 Jul 2003

I purchased a Belkin crossover cable and two cards £30. Installed with no problems. Used their disc to install the network. I have two PC?S running on the net at the same time and share files and printers. The only thing I haven?t solved is how to play games on the network yet.

  basell 14:54 08 Jul 2003

I also use NTL broadband 600 no problems.

  SEASHANTY 15:42 08 Jul 2003

Also ntl 600 BB and no problems. Installation was free on a standalone ntl cable modem (supplied free). Its actually badged as ntl:home modem but is in fact made by Ambit International. Could have had the phone and tv services from ntl. But using BT and Freeview which works out cheaper and suits me fine. If ntl increase the £24-99 monthly DD for this BB 600 service I may change to their 150 service but guess I will miss the connection speed. Using the Linksys BEFSR41 4 port router with switch to network two PC's on XP. This router allows you to clone in the MAC address registered with ntl.

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