network bandwidth restriction?

  Mysticnas 08:13 03 May 2004

Hi all,

I have a problem. I'm sharing my internet connection over the network (3 terminals) with my house mates. We split the bill up equally every month.

However, one of the people is downloading quite a lot and seems to be hogging the broadband connection, so much so that the the rest of us on the network are experiencing very slow internet speeds, worse than dial up!

We've had words but he seems to think cuz he's paying he's perfectly within his rights to download whenever he wants and if that happens to hog the bandwidth then so be it. It's awkward!

Anyway... is there a way to restrict the bandwidth to a particular computer on a network or the rest of the network?


  Dowman 08:18 03 May 2004

No. Not without paying a fortune on an intelligent switch, which could costs hundreds.

These are designed for large corporate networks.

The only thing I can suggest is that you upgrade your internet subscription to 1MB link and split the costs of that amongst yourselves.

  matt1234 08:20 03 May 2004

i know theirs software you can get thats does this but i dont know where

  Mysticnas 08:25 03 May 2004

even if we get faster net connection he'll still be hogging the bandwidth won't he! so instead of taking up most of the 770kb connection he'll be taking most of the 1mb connection.

  Mysticnas 08:26 03 May 2004

i sometimes feel like just unplugging his cable from my hub!

  Meshuga 08:38 03 May 2004

Why not talk to the remaing member of the threesome 1st and if he/she agrees then tell the offender that you`ll unplug his connection and h`ll have to get his own line. He`ll soon see sense when he realises what that will cost him.Admittedly it`ll cost U a bit more but at least you will get what you`re paying for. A bit drastic,I know but its the only way with some people. Meshuga.

  byfordr 10:49 03 May 2004

click here £27.50 1mb £37.50 may be of help, between 3 not much.


  Mysticnas 11:01 03 May 2004

I'll assume there's no way of me limiting his bandwidth within reason.

there's problems, it's not like i can go into his room during the day and turn off his downloads as it's locked. PLus i don't wanna get on his bad side, as he's the landlord.

I might just say i'm going to cancel my internet connection (it's my account) cuz it's too slow with the 3 of us on it. see what he says. We did arrange this download thing timetable thing, we'll all download at certain times of the day when it won't affect the other users, but he hasn't stuck to it.

If i tell him to pack it in then he'll just say he's paying for a service which he doesn't use cuz all else he does besides download is check his emails. so it's kinda awkward.

i only wish i could dig a tunnel to the uni pipeline and connect to their 74mb/s connetion! ho-hum... nevermind.

Thanks for all your help people!

  Dowman 14:32 03 May 2004

Any idea what he is downloading thats demanding such bandwidth at all times?

I hope it's nothing dodgy, like illegal MP3s or porn, as this could have a bad influence on you and the other tenants.

  vinnyo123 03:25 04 May 2004

Try getting rid of hub and put a switch this would give you all equal amount of bandwidth,(No collisions csma/cd) and if you can knock his NIC down to half duplex or 10 Mbps!

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