Network advice with BT Broadband

  10to2 08:01 29 Dec 2003

I want to build a home network - 3 PCs all running winME , one connected to BT Broadband - and understand the need for a router , ethernet cards and cables but some advice on the following would be appreciated :

Which cable to connect the pcs together - crossover or patch?

How will the USB adsl modem fit in to all this?

Can you comment on this router? click here


  LeadingMNMs 08:43 29 Dec 2003

If your connecting PC to PC then a crossover cable, PC to router will need a straight through cable.

Chances are the existing USB modem will have to be replaced if you want to connect to the router to connect to the internet. Not many routers have USB ports on them, they usually require an ethernet modem.

Don't know about the router. I would think that it would be better to get a combined router, modem and switch, therefore you will not have to purchase a seperate ethernet modem.

I hope that your network setup goes better than mine. The router / switch / modem i bought was not the easiest to setup, but I got there in the end.

  10to2 17:47 29 Dec 2003

LeadingMNMs :

Sorry about the delay in replying - back to work today!

Thanks for that.

Another alternative has come up , posted by Gandalf , in a previous thread. He suggests the use of multiple ADSL modems , one for each machine.

I can see the easiness of this type of installation as all the rooms in the house [including bedrooms where two of the machines are situated]have phone sockets thus saving the hassle of running cables.

If I were to go for this option I could buy two modems for around £50 + vat and save a day's work bashing walls about.

I would appreciate any comments on this , maybe from Gandalf too , before I make a decision.

Thanks again.

  LeadingMNMs 18:33 29 Dec 2003

If you go for this option then you would only need one extra modem as the old one could still be used. Obviously there would be no network between the computers and there could be no simultaneous internet access. Another problem I believe is that only one modem can be on at any one time, since if both are trying to communicate down one line, neither will be able to.

It is the cheapest option but has its problems. If destroying your home is a problem then you could always go for the wireless option.

  10to2 21:18 29 Dec 2003

LeadingMNMs :

Until broadband the dial-up was shared so the kids are used to asking if it's OK to go on line.

I think I'll give it a try.

Many thanks :-)

  DAG88 21:39 29 Dec 2003

I would strongly consider using a router instead.

As LeadingMNMs said, you can go the wireless option if the cabling is putting you off

using a router would
a) give all computers access to the internet at the same time
b)allow you to network the comuters together so that you can share files, printers etc

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