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  griffo 12:05 28 Mar 2005

Not sure whether it's politically correct to ask for advice on business related matters, so before going into too much detail...

I need guidance on networking 6-8 PC's. Currently we use a peer to peer arrangement via a 12 port hub and a router (wireless with VPN for remote users). I have been told that peer to peer is not 'man enough' for this many PC's and that we should use a proper server rather than a proxy server. I can understand the logic of this as the proxy server, using all sorts of programs, frequently has minor problems which cause the network to halt whilst fixing/rebooting etc.

Before going any further, is it OK to ask for guidance for this topic here?

  FelixTCat 12:11 28 Mar 2005

Click the "Contact the Forum Editor" button and ask him - he may not pick up this post otherwise.

  johnnyrocker 12:11 28 Mar 2005
  griffo 17:58 31 Mar 2005

Sent this to the Forum Editor - no response, so assume it's OK.

Johnnyrocker - thanks for that. Looks as though peer to peer is only stable up to a maximum of 5 PC's and we use 6 or 7, so a server looks like the right thing to go for.

What I need to know now is, what spec. do we need and what software to use?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated folks.

  FelixTCat 11:14 01 Apr 2005

If you're using XP Home, there is a limit of 5 pcs for networking. XP Pro can manage 10.

Most server software becomes complex to set up and manage. The 2 obvious choices are Microsoft or a Linux distribution, but both require knowledge and care to set up to work successfully.

  griffo 11:31 01 Apr 2005

the PC we use as our 'proxy server' is on XP Pro as is our other 'main client PC' the other PC (only used for scanning and saving onto 'P Server', is on W98SE. The others are laptops, 3 on XP Pro 1 on XP Home. We have a 12 port hub plus a wireless router (although we are mainly wired) with VPN for remote working.

We have removable HD's in the P Server and Main Client which we use to make backups to each day.

Our main problem is that the P Server seems rather unstable, in that the backup software (Folderclone) often seems to have communication problems over the LAN and we have regular other issues which repeatedly require 'downtime' whilst we 'sort things' (possibly running Norton Systemworks 2003), then rebooting.

This is why we are thinking that we would be more trouble free (and have safer backing up) if we had a dedicated server. However, I don't know what spec. to look for.

  FelixTCat 11:59 01 Apr 2005

Thanks for the further information. What you are seeking goes outside the area I would wish to offer advice on.

I am sure that there are others here with experience in this area who can help. Best wishes to you.

  griffo 12:02 01 Apr 2005

understood, many thanks for your input, much appreciated.

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