Network Adapters - New - Puzzled!

  [DELETED] 20:28 16 Dec 2004

Running XP Home with a wireless network functioning fine.

In last couple of days have found a new entry under Network Adapters in Device Manager. I had a 1394 Net Adapter and two 10/100 Adapters (all disabled) as I use the Wireless Network Adapter.

Now appear to have a new entry - Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter..... Anyone know what this is, where it came from etc. Device Manager won't let me uninstall it saying it might be needed to boot the PC. I have temporarily disabled it, and the PC boots ok.

Any ideas please?

  [DELETED] 03:39 17 Dec 2004

I got this from a google search (google great tool)I am not sure about this problem but it seems like a pretty big one as there are alot of sites with the same problem.I hope this helps you and points you to a solution.My opinion I would try what it says and should be safe also I would wait a day or two for someone else to comment on it or you may research it more.(I talked about this in another post about Windows automatic updates.Alot of people ask about this and get the response 99% of the time to "just download them".I disagree with this you might download a MS update that you really don't need and cause more problems.So to all always check what you are installing on your PC's.)


"You bridged two connections or it came with SP2. It will act as a Brouter for the both connections. Tunneling should give you a hint. It will connect both networks, it caches the MAC addresses for the other "network".

You may delete or disable the bridge, no harm will be done. If you have clients on the Wireless that wish to connect into your LAN, which is going though you, they will lose access.

Go into your Network Places, connections, then right click on the bridge and click delete. Wait about a minute and it will be complete."

  [DELETED] 22:59 17 Dec 2004


As the only chap who responded I thank you. Unfortunately I remain 'puzzled' and havn't managed to 'sort' it yet.

I will keep trying.

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