sms 13:28 12 Nov 2007

1 of my computers on my network works fine on the lan but after a time I loose ie. I have to re-boot to be able to get back online.
Can anyone explain this to me please

  Karakorum 13:36 12 Nov 2007

"Loose" is as in "My horse got loose."
"Lose" is as in "after a time I lose ie"
They are not the same thing.

  RWest 13:57 12 Nov 2007

sms, you'll have to explain what type of network - eg if it's a radio one, probably it's just a poor radio link, I'd guess. You haven't made it clear if it's the link with a PC you lose, or with the internet connection.

  sms 14:42 12 Nov 2007

It is a hard wired network. The pc link is ok and I can use the network. It is link to IE that drops out

  Karakorum 17:01 12 Nov 2007

Does it drop out with other browsers?

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