Network 3 pc without using router/hub

  [DELETED] 06:22 30 Oct 2003

Does anyone has experience linking 3 pcs together using only NIC cards and get away with roouter/hub, at the same time sharing a cable broadband internet.

The indications i have so far is inorder to metwork more than 3 PCs, i must use a hub.


  [DELETED] 07:34 30 Oct 2003

you can link 2 together without hub etc: not sure about 3 though.

only way you could possibly do it, would be for all pc's to have 2 network cards installed and using cross over cables.

whether this will work, i dont know but i doubt it.

  [DELETED] 07:51 30 Oct 2003

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doesnt give any more information so we can only presume that you alredy have the hardware to do this in the way you suggest, without a hub you will only have dumb clients that will not be able to communicate with each other only with the host but this may not defeat the object if all you wish to do is use the internet access but you will NOT have a network in the proper sense of the word although you will be able to use the host as a central repository for shared files.

i trust you understand that a hub will cost a fraction of the price of a router and will enable you to have a proper network and will eliminate a lot of potential problems.

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