network 3 computers for internet use on 'dail up'

  mec13 23:16 30 Oct 2005

I'm stuck with a dailup connection (broadband not available)and have two computers in our home on a wired home network. Would it be possible to fit a 'wireless card' as well in the 'host computer' just to connect a '3rd' new laptop which has a wireless card fitted.

Both computers are upstairs wire networked, whilst the laptop will be downstairs, to which I would like to use on the internet occasionally.

Basicly I'm stuck in how to figure out the best way to access,'on dailup', the internet on all three machines, obviously not at the same time.

All machines OS are XP home sp2.

  DieSse 23:51 30 Oct 2005

The simplest way is to connect each of them to the telephone line, but only dial up on one at a time!

You might also consider getting a wireless router, but only use the LAN section of it, for the network. Then you are all ready for when you do get BB.

  mec13 00:38 31 Oct 2005

DieSse! only the 'host' computer has my ISP loaded, it came pre-installed(supanet)so the 2nd networked computer shares that connection. Thats why asked if the new laptop could also share this connection,(I have no ISP instalation disc). If I used them separatly would I not need to install each one with supanet.

As for the 'router', having never had broadband, thats something new to me. Mentioning 'wireless', I presume then 'all' my machines must go wireless as well.

  martjc 09:15 31 Oct 2005

...They are, in the main, a hybrid. Try this: contact supanet, tell them what you are doing and that only one machine will access at any one time. They will probably send you a disk to set up the other machines. You will still have only one account with them!

Good luck!

  DieSse 09:19 31 Oct 2005

Yes you could share the connection - but then at least the system with the connection will have to be switched on to allow the others to get onto the net.

You shouldn't really need a disk to allow you to use Supanet - you can copy the settings from one system to the other - then at least each system can get onto the net independantly - saves a lot of hassle!

  mec13 14:32 31 Oct 2005

are you saying then that I could fit an internal wireless card, along side my wired network card inside the computer with the internet connection.

I know it means it must be 'on' to share the internet, but as broadband is still a million miles away, I have to make the most of what I can get. I dont really fancy installing supanet onto all my computers.

  TonyM 15:17 31 Oct 2005

What you propose, putting in a wireless card will work fine - I have used a setup like this at home. The problem you will have is the following - You will have 2 networks , a wired network connecting 2 machines (Computer A to computer B) and a wireless network connecting 2 computers (Computer A to Computer C). You will need to "bridge" the networks to allow all three computers to see each other and share the connection - basically this gets Windows to combine the 2 networks into one.

  mec13 16:21 31 Oct 2005

Thanks TonyM, you've told me what I needed to know. Thats just what I want, 2 separate networks, one wired to another computer, the other wireless connected to the laptop.

My idea is to get either computer B, or laptop C onto the internet via the 'host' machine which has the internet connection.

I'm not bothered by them all seeing each other, just share the internet connection by enabling the required network on the main computer.

just for the record, the laptop will be downstairs so the wife can play internet hearts, and watch Eastenders at the same time. :-(

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