Network 2PC's with Crossover cable

  Sparkly 15:14 25 Feb 2008

Hi all i have been trying to network two pc's together as a home network i have connected the two desktops via the ethernet adapter with a crossover cable,i have run the network wizard on both pc's and they have their own names but have the same workgroup name finished the network setup and rebooted but all i get is limited or no connection in the taskbar. The main pc is connected to a BT voyager 220v router and connects to the web no problem and the second will connect fine if i hard wire it to the router, but i wanted to connect the two pcs via the ethernet connection for file transfer to backup, could anyone offer up any suggestions as to what i have done wrong???
Desktop 1 XP Home SP2
Ethernet (Enabled)Intel Pro 100 VE Network Connection
Desktop 2 XP Pro SP2
Ethernet (Enabled) 10/100 Ethernet Controller

  brundle 17:15 25 Feb 2008

Give the two machines fixed IP addresses in the same subnet, and for example, subnet mask

Read this; click here

  Sparkly 17:21 25 Feb 2008

Hi brundle thanks for the link i will give it a try later when i get back from work and will update you.

  Sparkly 16:24 26 Feb 2008

Hi brundle sorry about the delay folled the instructions as to your link and it has worked fine i no longer have the limited connection. I tried to ping the other pc but get timed out with each attempemt so i folled the bit and where it tells me Uncheck the box titled: "Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet". Click OK. Now, try pinging the selected IP address again. I do not have a box to untick just a settings button and gives me the option to disable windows firewall which is disabled i use NIS. On the second PC if i open My Computer>My Network Places>View Workgroup Computers only that PC is listed if i do it on PC 1 i am told Workgroup is not accesible you might not have permissione to use this network recourse contact the Administrater of this server any ideas?? Thanks again for your help.

  Sparkly 21:34 26 Feb 2008


  brundle 23:17 26 Feb 2008

I'm not very familiar with Norton's firewall but you need to add the two addresses to a `trusted` range or network somewhere within the Norton settings. Is sharing enabled? Do both machines share an identical workgroup name? Do they have unique network names themselves?

  brundle 23:21 26 Feb 2008

I knew someone had to have produced a guide - this is very handy; click here

  Sparkly 06:26 27 Feb 2008

Hi brundle i will try what you suggest with Norton,the machines are shared,same workgroup name and have different names, i will read the link and try again.
Once again many thanks.

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