haj84 17:16 03 Apr 2006

I want to connect 4 computers in a network so they can share internet access and files.

I have:
1 desktop without wireless capability
1 laptop without wireless capability
2 laptops with wireless capability

all use Windows XP

can anyone advise what is the best way to connect all in a network ('wireless' or 'wired')

Do i need a router AND a hub?

try to keep it as simple as possible, because i am already baffled.

  ade.h 17:41 03 Apr 2006

Does the desktop have an rj45 port?

If it does - and it is already within range of a phone socket - then use this with an Ethernet cable to the router....

....which you will need. Are a cable or ADSL customer? This dictates your choice of either a router or a modem/router.

For the laptop without connectivity, you will need (ideally) a PCMCIA card. If you do not have a TypeII PC card slot, then you will have to settle for a USB wireless adapter instead, which I suggest you install in a driver-only state without the manufacturer's software.

If you are currently using the Windows ICF, you will need to disable it and use a good quality free 3rd-party firewall - such as Kerio - on each client. (Client is the correct term for a PC that is a member of a network group).

  ade.h 23:16 05 Apr 2006


  haj84 09:02 07 Apr 2006

Yes, i believe the desktopdoes have an rj45 port, and it is close to a phone socket.

I am an NTL broadband customer so have a cable connection.

What is Windows ICF?


  ade.h 14:31 07 Apr 2006


Internet Connection Firewall.

Or, the most half-hearted, useless attempt at a software firewall that I have ever seen in all my years of computing. And I even include McAfee Firewall in that.

A known problem with ICF is that it is not very good at all in a networked environment.

Its other shortcomings include a lack of program launch/access control and no monitoring of outbound communications. Two things that are intrinsically the whole point of a software firewall.

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