network 2 pcs in different cities both on wind7

  jessdance 13:54 06 Jul 2010

Can anyone help me to find the best way(and cheapest) to network 2 pc's both on windows 7 in different cities we will both be using all the same programs and need to network and sync Sage accounts on them... Its not a remote access that we need its just a network is this possible and easy for us to do?? We are a very small company who need the pcs to sync urgently so we can help each other.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.:)

  Forum Editor 18:14 06 Jul 2010

but in fact it is just that.

You can connect two computers via the internet quite easily, but you must remember that unless the connection is via a secure server the process is fraught with security risks.

Here, in a nuts and bolts fashion is how you set about connecting the two machines:-

1. Both machines must obviously be running, and connected to the internet.

2. Make sure that computers have the NetBEUI and TCP/IP protocols installed. Also, check the Remote Access Services on both to make sure it is set up and working correctly.

3. Find the IP addresses for both computers. You can access this information by typing "ipconfig" at the command prompt.

4. Enable file sharing, and find a path to share on the first computer. An example would be to share "C:\" as "Shared_Drive." Remermber that sharing the contents of your C drive can be a risky business - hence my earlier comment about secure servers.

5. Switch to the second computer. Open a command prompt window and type "Net Use X: \\\Shared_Drive" and press "Enter."

This will map the second computer's X drive to the first computer's C drive. This will let you use the X drive over the Internet, just as you would your own local drive.

  mgmcc 08:27 07 Jul 2010

You might also like to look at "Hamachi" which is easy to set up VPN (Virtual Private Network) software. This will let you share files over the internet between computers in different locations. click here

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