netwok places now got 2 internet connections.???

  second best 19:08 15 Dec 2004

hi, i was recently trying to get my onboard ethenet to work so i could route the connection thru my pc onto my xbox. so i didnt need to buy another 20m of rj45. anyway, i went to the netwok wizard, and now i have an internet connection and 'two' LAN connection of which one of them, the new one, doenst work. i originally only had one LAN connection to the router. this was my only connection too the internet which was fine. my internet is very slow at the minute and we have a 1.5 tele w cable. i'm thinkin g it is because of this second connetion that has appeared. the icons in the bottom right corner fash rythmically, bu tthey never used to with the LAN connetion. i can't actually delete the new connection i've made, though there is an option to disable it, but it does nothing. any sense to anyone, thanks.

  second best 19:16 15 Dec 2004

i have just disabled my LAN connection and i lost the internet, and with it, my second internet connection that appeared, but on enabling it (LAN), the second, unwanted, internet connection icon appeared, and started pulsing in the task bar thingy in the bottom right. internet still ridiculoulsy slow.

  second best 23:19 16 Dec 2004

boohoo, please.

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