netscape 7 <ALT> tag

  mde 12:57 17 Aug 2003

The ALT> tag doesn't seem to work in Netscape 7, though it works fine in Netscape 4.7 and IE
Any Ideas? Is there a new tag?

  Newuser549 23:33 19 Aug 2003

Never seen <ALT> as a tag before. Sure you are not confusing it with the "alt" attribute, which is used to display alternative text when pictures can't load, etc......?

Can you give an example of code, please?

  mde 15:44 20 Aug 2003

Sorry, very bad phrasing, yes it is an attribute.

I've since discovered that Netscape 6 and 7 require a title atribute to work with a "mouse hover" and use alt when the picture is missing.
I think it solves my problem, but not my irritation with Netscape.

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