herc182 20:54 04 Nov 2004

does anyone use it? just downloaded it and it looks pretty good. pop up blocker and tabbed browsing like firefox (but limited to two tabs per window...)

  iambeavis 21:22 04 Nov 2004

I used it a long time ago but I moved on to Mozilla (the full version with the integrated mail client) and from there to Phoenix which, eventually, became Firefox. Netscape is a good browser it's just a little clunky in comparison to "The Fox". better than "IE", but that's not too difficult.

  herc182 22:51 04 Nov 2004

also it is a massive download (some 20mb) compared to firefox....i just downloaded avast as recommended by someone on one of my posts (sorry cant check name....). and it looks pretty good. might give firefox a run for its money.....ooops, how many people will i have offended with that statement.....

  herc182 22:53 04 Nov 2004

sorry that should read avant and not avast.....

  iambeavis 22:54 04 Nov 2004

Avant is a good browser. I've used it in the past, alongside firefox, but I still prefer "The Fox".

  herc182 18:00 05 Nov 2004

what makes you prefer firefox over avant? (curious)

  iambeavis 18:15 05 Nov 2004

Stupid as it may seem to others, I feel more comfortable with Firefox than with any other browser. It's not about security for me - I didn't know the first thing about security when I ditched I.E for Netscape ( two weeks after I got my first computer), I just didn't like I.E. and I still don't. I've removed I.E. with the add/remove windows components and, the next time I use nLite, I shall be removing I.E. completely. Not a very scientific answer, is it? But then,very few things in my life are logical.

  herc182 18:24 05 Nov 2004

i detest IE with a passion. without the tabbed browsing i have become used too, it is a nightmare....

  iambeavis 18:29 05 Nov 2004

Avant is what I.E could have been, with a bit more thought.

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