NetObjects Fusions Essentials Free Version

  Shikaree 21:01 13 Sep 2008

Hi Folks,

I wish to build a Family History Website and I have seen NetObjects Fusions Essentials Free Version to download. Is anyone useing this webbuilder software. Is it easy to use. Will I have to Upgrade later.

I'm new at website building. Can anyone pleas Advise.



  Pesala 10:08 30 Oct 2008

Hi Shikaree

I just came across your old post.

I am using NetObjects Fusion Essentials for my websites. click here

Yes, it is very easy to use if you have used a DTP (page layout) program before. I use tables to keep my pages organised, but you can also place text frames and other objects freely on the page.

No need to upgrade at all. What I like about it is the speed. I can save my 270 page (30 Mbyte) website in 1 second. Easy to move individual pages or entire branches around in Structure View. Navigation bars update automatically.

Change the look and feel of the entire site by changing site styles. Edit paragraph styles to change fonts etc.

  Shikaree 18:35 30 Oct 2008

Hi Pesala,

Thanks very much for your response, the first in all this time since this Post was submitted.

I now have my own website with Mr. Site - Take away website. By chance I came across Mr. Site on the Net but didn't purchase. Then one Bank Holiday I visited PC World Computer Stores and found Mr. Site going for half price. As I never buy anything through the Internet this was ideal for me and I only paid £15 for the package.

I brought it home and Installed it and in about 5 Steps I was up and running with my website on the Internet. You could imagine the excitement. I did put my website "Under Construction" for some time till I had really build it.

The only snag was was that I upgraded at a discount, of course. Everything went well till after one year I had to pay £15 to keep my website going. I did that but was surprised when I was requested to pay the balance of the Fee of £90. Anyway I emailed Mr.Site and explained that I had Upgraded earlier and on my website it did mention that for the coming year if I wanted to carry on I'd have to pay only £15. Luckily I had saved all the correspondence via e-mail and they agreed to accept that £15. But in September 2009 if I continue then I'd have to pay £90. That's I suppose for the Domain nameand the Help I seek & whatever.

Their after sales service is very good and they sort out your problems with 24 hours if you have any & that I do via e-mail.

I think the maximum is 100 pages. My site is plain and simple Family History Website, nothing flashy.

I also have Website5 Evolution which I have built but not on the Internet.

I would like to give NetObjects Fusions Essentials a try.

I have visited your website and find it a great read and well laid-out.


  mco 19:24 30 Oct 2008

I haven't used Mr Site but I believe they enable you to build sites quickly and easily. However £90 for hosting , domain name and help is way too expensive so you might like to think of moving your site elsewhere come September :)

  Shikaree 19:58 30 Oct 2008

Hi mco,

Yes, it is much high & I'm thinking seriously of looking for something cheaper. Lets see when the time come. Mr. Site is mostly for Business/e-commerce websites & I didn't really realise then. So/ I'll be paying for facilities I won't even be using.


  Pesala 21:42 30 Oct 2008

You don't even need a domain name for a family history site. Just host it on your ISP web space and provide a link to anyone who is interested.

I host loads of stuff on my NTL webspace: click here and click here

It is not for business, it is just a hobby of mine to share my knowledge. I expect your family tree site is similar — not even intended for such a wide audience as my sites.

  Anne, Mr Site 16:45 24 Nov 2008

The costs for renewing Mr Site are £35.88 for Mr site Standard and £95.88 for Mr Site Pro.
Mr Site Team

  Shikaree 18:52 24 Nov 2008

Hi Anne, Mr Site Team,

WOW!! Isn't it great to have someone from Mr. Site Team replying to me on this Forum.

You must have read everything that I have written.

I like Mr.Site. I'm an OAP and that Renewal is quite pricey which I didn't find out till renewal time. I am an odd one out, because you mostly cater for Business (e-commerce) clients. This too I didn't realise till later. My website is purely a family website so I don't use all the Business (E-commerce) facilities. In fact I want to build another website but there again it's the renewal price. Besides that Mr. Site is Great.

Thanks for replying

Best regards to you & Mr. Site Team.


  Anne, Mr Site 12:24 05 Dec 2008

Glad you like Mr Site. We like to check out forums like these to see if we can help Mr Site users.
Thanks for your comments!
Mr Site Team

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