NetObjects Fusion + data driven sites and forms

  Taran 20:43 02 Mar 2004

I've been a fan of NetObjects for several years.

Database driven sites, where content is inserted into or pulled out of an online database for display on your web pages or for you to process information are one area where you had to get down and dirty and roll your own code.

I've just responded to an email from Team Fusion offering the new NetObjects Fusion Database Component for the princely sum of, wait for it, $29-95 and yes, that was a dollar sign !

That works out at about £20 in real money.

I promptly bought it, downloaded it, installed it and early indications are very impressive.

It puts a new toolbar into NetObjects which you acces using the View, Toolbars, Component Tools menu.

You get all the necessary tools to connect to your database, insert records into it, build queries to pull information out of it for display in dynamic pages, you can use it to build contact/feedback form handlers to save the form results into your database and, well, you get the idea...

Did I mention that the component ships as an ASP, PHP or Cold Fusion widget ? All you do is activate the toolbar for whichever language and database type you want to work in.

I'll be playing with this new feature over the next day or two, but so far, although perhaps a bit limited for advanced work, it brings the trademark drop-dead easy to use point and click functionality of NetObjects to dynamic content.

I guess I should have posted this in ConsumerWatch but, well, the idea of a point and click PHP site in NetObjects with all of those lovely layout and style options is just too much...

More info can be found here:

click here


  IClaudio 08:47 03 Mar 2004

I was mulling over this offer, I don't really need that functionality, but at that price it would be rude not to grab it!

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