Netobjects Fusion 4....

  bowman 14:53 05 Aug 2003

I've been playing around with this program for about a week(not long I know)and have managed to built this site:

click here what I want to know is, does anyone know how to get the nav butons on the left to open a new window?

All other links are ok, I think I'm missing something and cannot quite get it right.

Plus any comments are welcome, hope you can help. I know the images are a bit naff, they will be changed at a later date, plus a few more will be added. 23:28 05 Aug 2003

Target=_blank to the HTML tags. You must put the '_' before the 'blank'.

Good luck, Whiz...

  niggs 00:02 06 Aug 2003

Hey Bowman,

If you place target="_blank" in every <a> tag you will open a new window for every new link. If you change "_blank" say to target="new" and use it for all your links, when a user clicks a link a new window will be opened for the first link, then each link clicked after that will reuse the same window. This is useful for multi links as you have. You can use any name you choose it doesn't have to be "new".

I've just produced and submitted a projected for college which is a tutorial website for javascript. On the site is a tutorial for opening a new window with javascript from a click of a button, this will give you a clue to what goes into making it with Jscript.

I haven't really used WYSIWYG programs for producing web sites like the one your using. I do it with code as thats what i'm learning in college.

You've done a good job for what I have seen. Let me know what you think of my project.

Hope this helped.


click here

Window open tutorial:
click here

  bowman 13:49 06 Aug 2003

First off, thank you to and niggs for your replies.

The main problem is not with the html code, but with putting the code in its righ place.

The buttons are from NOF style templates, if you right click on the button in NOF you can select 'objects html' this will let you see the generated html. You then have three places to enter the code, 'before the tag'-'inside the tag' or 'after the tag'.

When I enter the code for new window using the 'inside the tag' option, it places it in the '<TABLE>' tag and not the '<A>' tag. what ever I do, I cannot get it into <A HREF>.

If I load the pages up in IE and edit through Notepad, it works fine, but if I load through NOF then preview,make changes in notepad,save, then upload to web the changes are not maintained. It would seem that if you use a 'style view' in NOF you are limited to what you can change.

Hope this is a little clearer as to what I would like to do, but it would seem I will have to make my own buttons and set it up from scratch.

Unless someone knows different?

P.S niggs have placed sites in fav will read up on the subject later. Nice one.

  bowman 13:04 08 Aug 2003

Well after all that I made my own buttons and it worked OK!

But at the end of the day I did not like the result, so have decided to leave as is. If anyone finds out how to solve the problem with NOF style templates please let me know.

Thanks to all who replied.

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