cowgirl66 09:55 15 Oct 2009

Hi,since installing K.I.S last night I no longer have Net Meter in my task bar and every time I start up the computer I get this error message,

"Access Violation at address 00404FLC in module 'NetMeter 114beta_4.exe'. Read of address 002D003C."

I have to close that message window before I can start using the computer.

I have searched for Net Meter in the 'Search' window and it says it's in C:\windows\system32\net.exe. I have been in System32 but all I can see is 'net', not 'net.exe' and anyway I wouldn't dare mess around in that folder without advice from a geek!

I do not have it in Add/Remove but it is still in the Start up program list in msconfig, with a tick beside it.

Can anyone please help as I have this awful feeling if I remove the wrong thing it will still pop up at computer start up like a bad smell.

Kind regards, cowgirl66

  Stuartli 10:24 15 Oct 2009

Try a System Restore to just prior to the K.I.S installation.

If this cures the problem, use System Restore to revert back to your original point (i.e. last night).

  cowgirl66 10:26 15 Oct 2009

Thanks Stuartli, I'll try that right now

  cowgirl66 15:09 15 Oct 2009

Sorry but I had to go out and haven't had the chance to do the system restore. Why can't I find uninstall anywhere? I can't even find NetMeter in my Programs. It is running in 'Processes' however and every time I close the computer I get a black screen saying
'The following Programs are still running:

NetMeter. This program is preventing your computer from shutting down'.

Then at the bottom of the message I am told that if I end the process I could risk losing any unsaved data.

To close down the computer I press the 'Shut down now' button.

  Stuartli 15:22 15 Oct 2009

Doing a System Restore takes around five minutes at most...:-)

Re Uninstalling NetMeter. Have you checked whether the Uninstall facility is listed from Start>Programs>NetMeter>possibly Uninstall?

  Stuartli 15:24 15 Oct 2009

Are you going to study computing with K.I.S?

  Stuartli 15:24 15 Oct 2009

Are you going to study computing with K.I.S?

  cowgirl66 16:02 15 Oct 2009

Very funny re; last remark, Stuart! I would actually much prefer to uninsatll NetMeter since this glitch may crop up again - and anyway NetMeter isnt' to be found in Start>Programs.

Would you believe, I found a nifty little tool (or so I thought) on the web imaginatively called 'NetMeter Removal Tool', which scanned my computer for me and found the Registry keys. Fool I was not to make a note of them, for clicking on 'Next' to remove them I was then asked to pay for the privilege, somewhere in the region of twenty dollars.

  cowgirl66 16:21 15 Oct 2009

I have found a couple of files in a 'NetMeter' folder in 'C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming', but that's all I have found so far. The files are configuration settings and TLG file.


  Stuartli 16:55 15 Oct 2009

..are referring to?

click here

Have you any antispyware programs installed such as SUPERAntispyware?


click here (freeware, you update it manually daily)

NetMeter is malware and you need to get rid of it.

  Stuartli 17:02 15 Oct 2009

If you originally installed NetMeter as a bandwidth usage utility (the name seems to ring a bell), then a safe alternative is Tautology Bandwidth Meter which I use.

It gives daily and monthly totals for downloads and uploads and is freeware:

click here

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