Netgear Wireless router - limited connectivity?

  georgemac 08:30 23 Sep 2004

I have just recieved a DG834G v2 wireless router as a replacement for my DG834G.

I have installed it on my rebuilt pc, which is a fresh install of XP with SP2 installed immediately after xp.

I have disabled the xp firewall and security centre (I can take care of this myself) using xp antispy.

However, the router seems to lose connection from the PC, and I get informed it has limited connectivity. I am letting windows find/assign the IP address automatically.

This morning, I powered the router off for 15 secs as you do when setting it up, powered on and the connection sprang into life. I do not leave the router powered up all the time, switch if off at night, but perhaps the soloution is not to power off the router?

I am also trying to get a wireless connection from my son's PC with the Netgear WG121 wireless USB adaptor, with no joy. Will be going back to this today.

Is there any way to assign the network addresses manually, or will this cause more problems? I do not have much idea about networking.

  georgemac 10:26 23 Sep 2004

I have the router working on xpsp2 although sometimes it (or xp) drops the network connection, but a power off/on of the router brings it back up again?

Network connection properties

Address type Assigned by DHCP

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway

I cannot get my 2nd pc which has the usb wg121 adaptor to connect. I am using the netgear smart wizard, with drive v2. I have seen the connection go green for a second on installation then go red again, with a cross on the xp connection icon.

If I scan from within the wizard, it finds the connection from the router with 100% signal strength but still no connection.

It finds MAC Address 00:0F:B5:14:CE:10

When I look at the adaptor properties it shows

Driver Version

Mac Address 00:09:5B:A3:8A:65

IP Address

Smart Wizard

Can you see anything obviously wrong – the IP address of the adaptor does not look right?

The region settings are OK – Europe

There are no firewalls running on either of the PC’s – windows firewall is disabled.

I also tried a reinstall with windows getting control of the wireless network – same result with this.

  georgemac 11:03 23 Sep 2004

went start run and type cmd to open a command box

typed ipconfig /all to see settings and it told me the media was disconnected.

Checked the connection status again, it said "firewalled" the xp firewall had turned itself on again!

repaired the connection and it sprang into life!

ip address which I have learned it gets from the router.

I'm afraid now to change the settings to enable wep!

  The Kestrel 11:32 23 Sep 2004

Have you been to the Netgear website and updated the firmware for your modem/router. I had disconnection problems with mine until I updated the firmware and that resolved the problem.

  johnnyrocker 11:34 23 Sep 2004

and the solution was?


  georgemac 16:48 23 Sep 2004

turning off the xp firewall - again! and repairing the network connection.

I can only guess the xp firewall kept getting turned on when I installed the netgear smart wizard/drivers.

I looked at the network connection and it said disconnected/firewalled, I thought it can't be firewalled, I've turned the thing off. Why would xp try to turn the firewall on when it's connecting to a router with a firewall?

  fitcher 18:16 14 Nov 2004

what version of firm ware did you upgrade to as i am having the problem of having to switch the modem on and of to get a connection at times seems better to switch it off. over night .if i come on the webb againg during the day it won't connect unless i switch on and off

  fitcher 21:29 16 Nov 2004

I have had the same problem with this router .I switch it off over night, and before I switch it on to go on the web , I disable my norton firewall ..(I have disabled all the firewalls in windows xp ).once I am back on the web I enable my norton F W ..the routers has it's own fire wall by the way ,I also have my connection icons link and web showing in the task bar ,,both enabled ,,

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