Netgear wireless router

  CLONNEN 21:45 25 Apr 2007

I have just purchased a laptop which has wireless capability so I would like to upgrade my home network to a wireless router to accomodate it. My current router is a Netgear DG834 - since I am perfectly happy with this router setup I would like to purchase a similar model from Netgear, but which one?

There is a DG834G, a DG834N and a WPNT834 which all have wireless capability but I don't understand which would be best to buy.

If possible I would like the router to be horizontal rather than vertical but it is not absolutely essential.

  phil.smith 21:59 25 Apr 2007

I have the DG834N - great reception all round the house and out in the garden (it has security settings so others can't use it!!) - it is vertical though.

  Dipso 22:05 25 Apr 2007

The DG834G is the same as the DG834 but wireless. It should come with a stand so you can position it vertically.

The DG834N is much more expensive as it is the newer technology with better wireless coverage. Depends if you need that.

I think the WPNT834 is a cable router so not what you want.

  CLONNEN 09:53 05 May 2007

Have bought a DG834N and a WN511B wireless card as a bundle deal. Not sure if the inbuilt wireless will be up to snuff.

Well I have connected the DG834N to my network and all the upstairs LAN devices have no trouble using it. BUT the wireless connection to the laptop just is not working properly.

I have tried running the Netgear setup cds and turning off the DG834N and switching back on again a minute later. All its lights show green including the wireless symbol. But the laptop just cannot seem to connect to it for more than a few seconds - on one lucky occasion it connected for about two minutes - then it drops completely.

I have set security to None and all the wireless card settings have been left on their defaults.

What causes the dropping of the wireless connection?

I suppose I should mention that the DG834N is connected to a DG834 via an ethernet wire running downstairs. The DG834 is connected to the phone socket and is the DHCP server. I have unticked the DHCP box in the DG834N settings page.

  retep888 10:49 05 May 2007

Ditch the DG834 and just use your DG834N instead,remember to retick the DHCP in the setup page,what you did was a wrong setup.

Make sure your laptop has a good connection first and then set up the security feature later.

  Strawballs 12:33 05 May 2007

As retep888 has pointed out why do you want to run 2 routers when the new one should have 4 wired ports for your wired Lans I use a Linksys but I have a mixture of wired and wireless off of the one router.

  setecio 14:32 05 May 2007

If you insist on doing it with both, you need to plug the link ethernet cable into a lan port of the dg834n and also disable NAT as this is also handled by the dg834.

Is the laptop on vista, if so go into the wireless connection properties and disable IP6 which sometimes disrupts connections.

  CLONNEN 15:59 05 May 2007

The laptop is running Windows XP SP2

The DG834N is already linked to the DG834 via a long ethernet cable.

I cannot use the DG834N downstairs as the main modem router because the unit cannot be wall mounted in the same fashion as the DG834 (no wall mount seems to be provided by Netgear at all just a vertical stand) - all our cables downstairs are arranged to just reach the top of the DG834 which is mounted above a doorway in the room next to the phone socket. I really don't want to change our existing cables setup as I am not DIY capable of this sort of thing.

All I want to do is add Wireless - surely there must be a setting which will let me do this.

Whereabouts is this NAT setting you speak of? Is it in the Router Setup or in Windows?

What if I reenabled the DHCP on the DG834N? Wouldn't it conflict with the DG834 if both are active at the same time? Could I disable it on the DG834 and enable it on DG834N? Would the internet connection still function or does the one connected to the phone line HAVE to be DHCP enabled?

  retep888 16:24 05 May 2007

click here

Why don't you use one of this,it's cheaper and easier to set up.

  CLONNEN 16:35 05 May 2007

I looked at the prices for Wireless Access Points but since the all-in-one routers were about the same price AND have extra ports they seemed the better option. Access Points do the same thing as the wireless router surely - so I would still have the same problems connecting.

The DG834N is the fastest one available so should theoretically be easiest to connect to.

  setecio 17:11 05 May 2007

Yes, the setup you are trying will work.

1) The ethernet cable must come out of one of the DG834 Lan ports and into the DG834N via a LAN port (any of the 4) and NOT the WAN port

The DG834 is handling DHCP and NAT so these need turned off in the DG834N, the DG834N also needs to be assigned a new IP address since it's default ( will be the same as the DG834 and conflict. (Remember that once you change the IP address then to log into it you must use the new IP address)

2) Log into the DG834N, and in advanced - LAN IP setup
check DHCP is disabled (which I think you have done already), disable NAT
Also in same place give the DG834N an IP address eg

Also in basic settings - setup - disable NAT

3) Technically you should now change the DHCP pool in the DG834 to stop before the new IP address of the DG834N, but if it is .200 it is unlikely .200 will ever be given out.

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