Netgear wireless PCI card crashes system

  item 12:07 16 Jan 2005

I have installed PCI card and drivers apparently successfully but as soon as the wireless icon appears bottom left on XP toolbar the system crashes and fails to reboot and asks for recovery disk. If I unplug power cable and then plug back in the system reboots Ok but crashes again as soon as the wireless icon appears.

Grateful for any ideas. I have tried different PCi slots but no different. PC works fine on cable/ethernet connection to Netgear router and laptop wireless is OK so problem lies with the PC


  Kate B 13:19 16 Jan 2005

I did a bit of digging after I had trouble with a Netgear USB dongle crashing my machine and it seems sometimes the PCI cards do it, too.

I went for a bridge in the end - here's what I did in another thread

click here

  item 13:43 16 Jan 2005

Just spoken to the Netgear help line and they tell me their PCI cards don't work well with AMD processors!! Can you believe that.

Suggested I download the latest driver from their website but he didn't sound too hopeful.

  item 16:01 16 Jan 2005

Downloaded latest drivers but system still crashed. It appears that drivers not compatible with XP. Will return product.

  Kate B 17:14 16 Jan 2005

Actually, the Netgear/AMD lack of harmony sounds familiar - it certainly cropped up as an issue when I was trying to work out why my dongle was crashing the system the whole time.

  item 08:58 17 Jan 2005

Kate, thanks for comments. Netgear router/modem worked like a charm so thought I'd stick to Netgear. Just shows you can't win in this techy world. Looks like I'll have to stick with 10m of unsightly cable.

  Kate B 17:21 17 Jan 2005

item, try a Belkin bridge - that worked for me.

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