netgear wireless home network.

  usernut 17:42 23 May 2008

Hi, I have netgear wireless modem router and set up a home network. I set the network when I had another pc and had the router wired to it and had a wireless link on the kids computer in another room. everything ran ok.
then my pc died and I got a laptop and conected it to the network in place of my pc. it has always been conected thru the router by lan cable never by wireless.
the kids pc has now died and i,m getting them a new there anyway I can start a new network with the same router and remove the old network?
I can connect the kids pc by wireless to the new network and use my laptop with the wireless thing onboard so that I can connect to the net without cables.
I can,t remember my network password to use wireless with the laptop so can I start a new network.
thanks in

  mgmcc 22:28 23 May 2008

Presumably it is the wireless encryption key (WEP or WPA) that you can't remember?

If so, connect a computer to the router by ethernet cable, type the router's IP address into your web browser and that will open its configuration pages. Within the wireless security settings you can delete the existing key and set up a new one.

Netgear "ADSL Modem/Routers" usually have the IP address and their Cable/DSL Routers may have

  usernut 13:17 25 May 2008

if I type that into my web browser I just get thousand of web pages with that number and not my routers configeration page, any idea whats wrong.

  irishrapter 16:15 25 May 2008

Are you search the internet for or entering it into the address bar at the top???

  usernut 16:20 25 May 2008

search the net...

  mgmcc 19:15 25 May 2008

Type the IP address directly into the address bar of your browser - DO NOT search the internet for it.

  usernut 19:29 25 May 2008

ok , did that and a new window popped up saying address at netgear requires me to sign in. when I put my aol username and password in the box refreashes and asks me the same, repeatedly and I had to shut of aol to get off the page. couldn,t get into anything, if its the password for my router that I need i,ve forgot it.

  usernut 20:34 25 May 2008

I got into it.
on wireless settings at WEP security encrypyions do I put in a wep passphrase? and press generate? I did this and four wep keys came up (computer says all computers connected to router must have same numbers???? thats as far as I got...
how does this help me change password to connect wirelessly?

  mgmcc 12:08 26 May 2008

Personally, I've only ever used a single WEP key and I created it myself, using hexadecimal characters (the numbers "0" to "9" and letters "a" to "f" only, a total of 16 available characters).

Once that has been entered in the router's settings, the same key is entered when "Connecting" to the wireless network with the PC's Wireless Network Adapter.

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